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  • Staylorme - If in doubt, get 'em.

    Why oh why was I spending nearly $100 on bluetooth headphones all these years? I have an old loud diesel truck and phone conversations are clear on both ends. I'll have an hour long conversation with them, not charge them for a week and they'll still have enough charge to deal with another hour long call...I haven't let them go longer than that without a charge but I consider that to be outstanding performance. I haven't tried using the other piece for dual audio but I would like to note that with the crossover cable connected the microphone is facing away from my mouth...I'm not sure how this would affect a phone call this way but for listening to music it works just fine.

  • Zarianosia - So pretty!

    This color is beautiful! I would like to say it's one of the best glitter polishes I have ever owned!

  • Andy - Very good product

    The Guide 10 Plus works as advertised and was able to recharge my iPhone 4 twice when the Guide 10 was fully charged. Took away one star as the solar panel did not live up to expectations. It was unable to fully charge the Guide 10 Plus in 8 hours of Florida sunshine.