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  • Jason & Kelly - It was super easy to switch from my old one to this ...

    This is far cheaper than what Frigidaire is charging for their brand of these and so far works the same. It was super easy to switch from my old one to this one though it did drop a little water in the top of my fridge when I took the old one out. That was easily cleaned up with a rag but just a warning in case someone doesn't notice it. Alsop make sure to run a couple gallons of water through the new filter before actually drinking the water.

  • Catherine - Did not quite meet expectations.

    Okay, I'm in the binder. Now what do I do? Some benevolent man please, come tell me what to do now that I'm in the binder! I'm not qualified to decide on my own! I'M NOT QUALIFIED!

  • Where are the other pages?? - Disappointed

    I was reading through my Rick Steve's Rome 2012 when all of a sudden at page 44 the book started again at the table of contents. This wouldn't be an issue, but then pages 45-92 are missing! What a jip!

  • Rocky Shopper - What a miserable piece of software

    I have used Quicken for about 15 years, and I find that the program has steadily become more flaky over the years. I bought Q2014 months ago, but waited until recently to install because my Quicken 2011 has been "sunset"-ed and so I can no longer download data, and I thought if I waited long enough to install then I would avoid the pain many earlier Q2014 users were suffering through. We are up to version 7 since release of Q2014, and I am very dissapointed--hardly any real changes in features--just some things moved around, really--but it runs poorly and I had issues with corrupted files when importing my data files. (At one point, I had two sets of data files going so I could run Q2011 and Q2014 side-by-side to check for data errors.)

  • ellamar - Try it, you'll love it.

    If you have never tried these Telma cubes in mushroom you are really missing out. I use them when making a pot of soup. Doesn't really matter what kind. You just have to know that you do not add salt until the soup is done otherwise it probably would be too salty. It just takes your soup to another dimension. Everyone that I tell about these cubes loves them. You can also use in other things but just must be careful about salt.

  • David - Two 👎👎down!!

    Very disappointed! I was really looking forward too, and hoping this movie would be as good if not better than the original. In my opinion, this movie was a flop. CGI was awesome, but CGI doesn't make a movie.

  • Kapow!! - life changes with detox

    I have used this tea before and loved the results. I felt better, had more energy, and even experienced weight loss. Presently, so far so good looking forward to the weight loss.