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  • Web Lady - Will stop shedding

    I used DE for about 5 years and my hair grew to the middle of my back. I never had a problem with thin edges, breakage, shedding or anything while I used DE. I moved and my new stylist used some "crap" that made my hair shed a lot and balded my edges. I found a bottle of DE Stimulations Super Moisturizing conditioner and the Moisture retention shampoo in some boxes one night and used it. I am not exxagerating, my hair instantly stopped shedding in that one wash. I never went back to that salon ever again. I have relaxed 4a/b hair. After this experience, I've decided to transition back to natural. DE is the best. I have no shedding and my hair is healthly looking again and growing. It doesn't seem to be doing much for the thin edges and bald patches so far but we'll see. I figure if it stopped the shedding I'm at least on the right track.

  • Glen Brown - Quit changing/hiding options without finding out how people use the fuctions

    If you use Microsoft, then you know they change the things that we like and get use to using. Like word Art is now hidden and very hard to find. I liked putting the tool bar at the bottom of my screen for ease of access.

  • Zombie Mom - Fun and great for the whole family and GOOD EXERCISE!

    Bought for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas. My teenage son plays it with us! Its a great game for the whole family :)

  • Hiram A. Biff - This works and you will be happy with it

    This is a comprehensive supplement that WILL work to improve your hair, skin and nails. Many people look for secret potions and magic tricks to improve their appearance when they should realize what you eat is what you become. Same applies for health supplements.