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  • JimmieJo - Great shoe

    My first biking shoes. I was surprised the width fit my wide feet. I normally wear 4X wide, but these shoes are adjustable enough to make me happy with them. I recommend these to anyone looking to buy a clipless shoe, very comfortable and easy to walk in.

  • Vinny - Amazing! Excellent Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Frying Pans!

    I purchased two of these Gotham Steel non-stick titanium ceramic frying pans, one in the 9.5" diameter size and one in the 12.5" diameter size, a few weeks ago. I am a trained scientist and engineer, and thus i am not easily amazed by consumer kitchenware products that claim to be non-stick. However, I am amazed by the performance of these pans after 3.5 weeks of having used them daily.

  • Princhic - An Amazing Body Wash

    I used this as a body wash and I love it. It keeps me nice and soft, smells great, and has such a rich lather. I don't know about the whole losing your hair thing, but I sure don't mind if it makes my body hair fall out.

  • Amazon Addict - Great protector - use in a well ventilated area

    Works well, helps clothes/fabrics repel stains and water. Treated a jacket with this and it all beads right off. Just remember to do it in a well-ventilated area because it stinks a bit and you can get light-headed. Also, do this in an area where you don't mind the overspray going onto the floor. It made my linoleum in the bathroom a bit slick for a while.

  • Rosemary Ballantyne - Emuaid

    I recently had shingles and unfortunately left it too late to take the anti-viral medication that is available. I then read extensively about alternative cures on the Internet and found that organic oregano oil taken by mouth and Emuaid applied topically were the most mentioned. I managed to locate oregano oil locally and ordered Emuaid from your site. Now - 4 weeks later - I have no pain or discomfort and only small red patches where the shingles were. I have also used the Emuaid for athletes foot and it worked almost immediately. It is certainly worth having in the medicine cupboard.

  • Brahyan Castaneda - You must get it

    It is awesome! everything that I need in this little stick, i bouth the wireless keyboard and the multiusb port and it works good. it supports averything office, antivirus and photoshop between others. love it

  • ASU41 - If I could leave less than a star, I would

    I received the two boxes and began the assembly. I got about 8 minutes in when I realized I was missing a leg extension piece. What I then realized was that I was missing 10 of the 12 leg extension pieces. Yes, I said only 2 of 10 were shipped. I had read reviews, so I wasn't completely shocked. I emailed and called customer service. No return call. But I did get an email saying the missing pieces were being shipped. I specifically detailed the missing pieces by using the exact description and part number in the user guide. 5 days later I received a huge destroyed box from UPS. In it were 10 huge curved pieces that don't even go to my trampoline... I have no idea what is going on. I emailed the company and hope that my 6 and 7 year olds are more patient than I am. I would return it tomorrow if it wasn't such a mess to repack. Unbelievable.