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  • Brittany - AWESOME!

    It was in perfect condition, packaging was great, overall a great game! I love it! Thanks a lot! ! !

  • PghYinzer - You won't be disappointed with this machine

    I've written a review on the e95 as well - I'll say go read that rather than have me write a complete novel here. :-)

  • Kit Ebert - Very disappointed, this product is frustrating to use and loaded with quirks

    I have to say, I am very disappointed in this product. First of all, when I downloaded the gedcom file from to the home pc software, the current/living generations had the second marriages and kids assigned to different people and was very frustrating to fix those issues. The printing option had several errors when selecting a page size, it would be nice if they listed the paper measurements (inches and metric) instead of tabloid-A3-A4-Legal-etc. When printing, the font sizes should allow smaller font, the page borders had print errors when the actual page was printed, when 5 or more generations were printed on 11x17 paper there were some people missing on the page. The software should have a syncronization (up/down load) feature to allow both online and home trees to be updated. Saving and copying media files from other public trees are difficult and cumbersome. I could go on and on about issues and things I expected a higher end family tree software to have.

  • Charlie - A MUST READ

    Next to Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon this is now my next most used book for nutrition. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride guides you back to living healthful. I was amazed at all the research that went into this book. Whether you are a beginner or thought you were educated in nutrition, this book will open your mind. This book should be required study for any doctor or health care professional.

  • Roger Neal - Big Game Hunter

    I love the graphts. I like the different games you play. The game realy test your skills as hunter and shooter. you have to be good to sneak by the female ainmals to get the blinds.

  • Layton Knight - Warning: designed and built for only "casual" use

    While the product itself produces an amazing ice-cream like dessert, it's designed only to produce one or two servings per use. Last night I attempted to produce six servings for a dinner party. I was quite shocked. After 15 minutes, the machine started to produce odors of "burning plastic." I was only able to produce enough for four servings before I noticed that the machine started to over heat. I still enjoy using the machine and I love the fruity ice cream it makes, but I am constantly reminded that I can only use it for about fifteen to twenty minutes at a time.