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Womens Center India | Best infertility treatment in Coimbatore, Trichy, Chennai - The Women’s Center team consists of professionals in infertility management, embryology, clinical obstetrics and gynecology, andrology, laparoscopic (key hole), endoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeons, gynec-oncology, ultrasonology, adolescent care, pregnancy, new born care and neonatology

  • Womens Center India | Best infertility treatment in Coimbatore, Trichy, Chennai - DUB/AUB Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Management Abnormal uterine bleeding is perhaps the commonest gynecological problem that women of reproductive and perimenopausal age

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  • Saltair - Does the job

    I have a 15.6" laptop and given the size of this dual fan cooling pad of 10" x 13-3/8" I can't see it being suitable for much bigger, as it is, there is about 1" overhang on each side when centered, I needed something to assist cooling while using the computer on my lap which is 97% of the time. It just gets uncomfortably hot and noisy from the fan running full blast trying to keep up. I use this cooling pad in a backwards kinda way, with the flip up pegs at the rear so it doesn't slide off. The fan output doesn't seem like much but it works and is quiet. I do like that the USB cord has a pass through so other devices can still use the port also.

  • T. Shooz - Works Great

    We have used this product once a month for as long as we have lived here, which is 20 years now. Never a problem with the septic system. The best price is Amazon....maybe it is cheaper in a big city, but that is not an option for us. It is a good product and recommended

  • Jency Michelle - Easy and holds well

    My boyfriend and I just bought a new house. We wanted to save space by mounting our TV instead of having extra furniture to place it on. We went to Best Buy to see how much their mounts were and it was just completely insane! Needless to say, we were in and out in 2 minutes.

  • Don G. - Now the li'l lady can get more housework done!

    I saw these BIC Cristal for Her pens and thought they would make an excellent anniversary gift for my little gal, and she couldn't have been happier! She was so pleased that I even remembered that it was our anniversary (I work for a living, after all!) that I could have wrapped up her dirty old mop and she would have been pleased. But when she saw these slim, elegant, feminine pens she almost fainted! (she's very prone to fainting and hysteria)

  • k.morales - Horrible they charged me $39

    Don't use this is you plan on doing State Tax. Most state taxes can be done online for free. Unfortunately I got block out due to not enter amount correctly. So I figure I'll just do it with this software instead of calling and getting it fix. BIG MISTAKE, Horrible they charged me $39.99 for software then another 19.99 to e-file. Not to mention what I had already paid when I order. No discount completely got rip off. Then I couldn't print my state returns unless I created a PDF. It's not worth it. Last year I did Turbo Tax and only paid half of this for both and was able to print directly from my printer.

  • mocha mama - I absolutely love this tea

    I absolutely love this tea! Am recommending to all my friends. It does exactly what it advertised! I am pleased and will definitely buy again