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  • Amazon Customer - Whats not to love about Luvvie?!

    I, like many, have been following Luvvie for years! She's my cousin in my head, my best friend in my head and my love for her and her work goes beyond social media. I found her back in 2007 through another one of my favorites, Ms. Jia. Her humor was needed during my darkest days as I mourned the loss of my mother. Her blog was my go-to when I needed a laugh after crying many nights. Ever since, I've turned to her when I needed a laugh, a good read or simply to just hang out via Luvvnation. Her book represents her and all we've come to love about her. She has created this safe space where she can speak out about injustices without losing her funny. Despite her rising star, she has managed to stay true to herself and to her fan base. I like to think Luvvnation is more than just fans, we're this huge e-family, rooting for our favorite cousin. Recently I lost my grandmother and once again, I turned to Luvvie for that much needed laugh. She didnt let me down, nor does this book. Its funny. Its like having cheap wine with my favorite cousin, laughing until my sides hurt. She's dope, simply.

  • James T. Cote - Hidden problems

    So... From a look and protection standpoint, this is a great case. It fits on the phone well, the buttons are relatively easy to push, and there is extra room for larger lightning connectors.

  • Dawna A. Craven - This stuff works good but you get very little for the price but ...

    This stuff works good but you get very little for the price but noticed it has gone down. have had to send back as sometime nothing in the bottle I think that a oz is a bit more than what you get. but if it hasn't spilled out I keep it as it works good.

  • April Paddock - It Actually Works

    I've had an ongoing war with cockroaches in my apartment for the last year. At one point, the landlord even hired an exterminator in to do the entire building. Within three weeks they were back. Obviously these little monsters meant business.

  • Mrs. Kelly Gannon - Fun but messy

    Love these kits, but fair warning, they are messy. The first time we got one as a gift I didn't realize how much of a mess hey would make with dust and spray going everywhere. So long as you are aware, it's a great project to be involved with. The kids love discovering what's buried in there.

  • S Naser - Love the Frankincense Essential Oil from New York Biology

    This is my first time trying Frankincense oil and I love it . I love all essential oils . Frankincense has this smokey lavender, floral smell to it. It feels good your using something that is made pure and natural with no added chemicals. I put a few drops with water into my vaporizer and pure bliss for the entire room . The smells helps you relax and puts you in a trance. This oil is not oily at all and evaporates quick but the smell still lingers for a while which I love. I only use this for therapeutic purposes but it can be uses for many other. I also took a shower and put two drops on my hands and rubbed it all over my skin for a little relaxation. Now this oil and my lavender are my new favorites. I want to mix a few drops with purified water to use as a cleaning agent. If you have a wound you can also add a drop to help it heal better. One of the best oils I have ever tried. . I received this product at a discount/free to test and try out, to give honest feedback on the quality. This review is my honest opinion