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Whiplash and TMJ Injuries - TMD Examination, Diagnosis, Treatment and Management - Describes the prevalence of tmd and advocates specific examination, diagnosis and treatment as well as interdisciplinary case management. Whiplash as a cause of tmj and tmd is explained. Educational materials and a training system for diagnosis and treatment of tmd and tmj are included.

  • TMD Training DVD & Workbook Details - DVD tmj and tmd training with text book. Learn how to perform a simple tmj/tmd examination in under 10 minutes that is specific and accurate. Includes training in whiplash and tmj, home care, manipulation, physiotherapy, x-ray, special tests and more. Videos inside of healthy and injured tmj's included.
  • TMD Manipulation And Mobilization - Manipulation and mobilization of the tm joints are described as well as their benefits. Technique safety is also covered as well as physiotherapy combined with manipulation and mobilization.
  • TMD Home Care And Physiotherapy - Home care instructions for all tmd patients plus guidelines for using physiotherapy in the treatment of tmj and tmd including ultra-sound, laser therapy, electrotherapy, diathermy, cold ompresses, heat, phototherapy and exercise. Disability and lifestyle restrictions discussed.
  • Headache, Neck Pain And TMD - Detailed scientific information about how tmjd causes headache, neck pain, dizziness and tinnitus. Published scientific paper documents tratment results and describes how tmj inflammation causes symptoms.
  • TMD Oral Orthotics & TMD Dentists - The three most important things to know about using or prescribing a tmj or tmd oral orthotic.
  • TMD Medico-Legal Issues - Key issues in legal disputes over tmj and tmd causation and treatment are discussed in detail. Deposition and trial testimony training are covered as well as necessary record keeping and expert witness preperation.
  • Order the Dr. Steigerwald TMJ - TMD Training DVD - Order Dr. Steigerwald's TMD Training System: Whiplash and TMJ. US and international direct payment through PayPal and credit cards as well as payment by check.
  • Dennis P. Steigerwald TMD Training DVD Testimonials - Testimonials about the effectiveness of Dr. Steigerwald's tmj and tmd treatment methods and his training system form chiropractors, dentists, medical doctors, attorneys and oral surgeons.

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  • Mark F. - After reading installation reviews it couldn't have been easier.

    Very fast shipping and product was just as advertised. Having read many of the installation reviews here, I was prepared for how to do it correctly.

  • crazy cat lady - lots of dead ends- down the 'rabbit hole"?

    I bought this at Target on the clearance rack. As many reviewers, and Telebrands themselves, state- the device simply displays an interface from which you can link to shows you would want to watch. It may be worth $10 for people who stuggle with finding things on the web. I was disappointed because many of the links did not result in an available show. For example- discovery channels shows some free content on line, animal planet (AP) link is listed on the rabbit screen, but when I followed it the commercials will certainly play, but the shows will not. I thought something was wrong with my flash settings fact, AP was being shown for one month (Dec 2012?)to generate interest- and this resulted in the now non-functioning link on the rabbit screen. On a brighter note, I could find the tiny public local government tv channels, which always play free anyway- but who could find them? And, you'll see displayed channels you may not be aware of, such as news feeds- pentagon news, NASA...I may give this another chance, but right now- it's back to Target on Monday. I can find more entertaining things to do with $10- really (!)

  • Michael G. - This is a good upgrade to my shop!

    This collector is working out great for me. I have it under the out feed table of my saw horizontally on a custom stand with the bag horizontal as well. It has more power than the Harbor Freight unit it replaced. It hardly leaves anything in the saw because it is very close. This is the same unit as the Dust Right from Rockler and it is less expensive.

  • Gilbert - Houston Tx - CALLIBRATION is an ISSUE!

    Great design and functionality - HOWEVER - the callibration is off and there are no instructions on how to get it corrected.

  • Elis - Excellent Resource

    I bought this review to help me study for the new computer-based GRE. So far, the studying has gone great. I was able to identify my strenghts and weaknesses and it feels great to have information on what to expect, exercises, online practice and a CD.

  • FROC 2531 - for which it works nicely. Also tried it on a ceramic platter that ...

    Used for building model rocket components, mostly from rather dense heavyweight card stock @ .050" thick and cardboard tubing, for which it works nicely. Also tried it on a ceramic platter that was damaged upon removal from the kiln, and it is truly useful in this capacity. Highly recommended.

  • ak764 - BUY, BUY, BUY IT!!!!

    I really like this product! If you use it correctly it makes your skin look really polished and I have ordered more than one and use it for special events. Unlike their day cream and eye cream I really like this product enough to encourage others to buy it. It's amazing how well it peels the skin! Note, after peeling it may be hard to get a lot of the dead skin off, use a light exfoliating cleanser afterwards for magnificently glowing skin! I hope that this review was helpful for you.