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Community Pharmacy in Bar Harbor, Maine - West End Drug - Your local West End Drug's community pharmacy in Bar Harbor, Maine, offering prescriptions refills and personal service.

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  • Online Pharmacy in Bar Harbor, Maine - West End Drug - Your West End Drug pharmacist is ready to help you with prescriptions in our Bar Harbor, Maine and online pharmacy.
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  • Custom Medication Compounding Pharmacy Bar Harbor, Maine - West End Drug - Learn about West End Drug's Custom Medication Compounding pharmacy services in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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  • Jennifer - Training videos were a great way for us to get ideas on how to ...

    I bought these bands for my 10 year old son in preparation for the upcoming football season! He used it with various exercises and drills. He was able to increase his speed and build his endurance with resistance bands.

  • Blonde Babe - my 3 year old LOVES!!!

    My 3 year old loves love loves this gun. It was a little hard for him to pull the pin to load it at the bottom at first but now he is a pro. I like that it only has 3 darts so i don't have them all over my house.

  • ismaelbusquet - Awesome float! The netting in the middle is pretty ...

    Awesome float! The netting in the middle is pretty thick. I thought it would be a weaker material but it holds up good to a bunch of drunks walking on it

  • Bill J - YES!!!

    Ok. I'm a guy and I'll admit that I have incredibly sensitive skin with a very low pain tolerance. That said, I followed the instructions to a t and couldn't be happier with the results. It was a 3.5 hour session, so obviously it didn't last the entire time, but for the first two hours I hardly felt any pain. It felt more like my artist was poking me with a dull pencil (best way I can describe it).

  • sotus - What a deal for my 2011 Altima

    As other reviewers have noted, this is such a great deal versus buying it from the dealership. Plus, I negotiated with the dealer where I bought the car to throw in the programming of the new key. So I got the entire key for under $30.00! Got it done and it works great.

  • H Pepperdine - Nice as a light foundation. Needs to be put on over your regular moisturizer.

    There are mixed reviews on this. My take, it is very much like a light foundation. I put on their POSITIVELY RADIANT® Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 first and then this on top. If you use it without moisturizer it will go on dry and cake-like.

  • wiser consumer - Excellent black and white version but the colorized is good too.

    I've owned a version of this movie for many years, beginning with the purchase of a VHS copy from the University of Washington in Seattle sometime in the 70s. But as I progressed to DVD versions, it wasn't until I got a colorized copy that some scenes made sense. For instance, the scene where Tiny Tim is looking through the front window of a toy shop -- there had always been toys I could make neither head nor tail of. Another was the scene where the Ghost of Christmas Past transported Scrooge into the snow covered fields of his youth. In that scene both Scrooge and the ghost were filmed to appear transparent and, so, were difficult to make out in black and white.