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  • RichM - Huge help

    Trying to save money in our first year of our new LLC, I started by trying to do the LLC's taxes witihout this software. (I knew I also had to purchase TurboTax Deluxe for my personal taxes, so the total investment in TurboTax products was adding up.) However, the DIY approach was consuming way too much time so I broke down and purchased TurboTax Business. With all the background work done, my LLC's taxes came together within a few hours. The cost was more than I would have liked to pay, especially when I had to purchase the state software separately for $50. Also, it isn't quite as thorough with the questions and tutorials as the personal software, TurboTax Deluxe. However, knowing what I know now, I plan to purchase TurboTax Business and Deluxe each year.

  • Michael L. Jackson - Unbelievably fast

    I was astonished by how quickly this product started working. I got both the gel and the traps, and put them out late one night. I figured in a few weeks my roach problems would be solved. But the next morning I went to work, and by the time I got back in the afternoon, I saw dead roaches in several of my cabinets, my floor, and other places. Gross, you say? Well, it's better than seeing live ones like I had for weeks! The rest of that evening I saw one or two live roaches. Each day I'd see more dead roaches, and after one week, nothing at all. This product has high marks for a reason. Get it if you have roaches, or if you don't but live in an area prone to infestation.

  • nazavia kavez humphrey - Amazing

    I love them. Im a cna and work 7 days a week they stopped my feet from hurting and are really cute! and they came 3 weeks earlier! then expected

  • Nadia Shcherbakoff - New American Bible, Revised Edition - Exceptional

    From a technical standpoint, it is done professionally and thoughtfully. The hyperlinks work flawlessly and navigation is easy and effective. As for the translation, it is a better, fresher version of the NAB. Many words are carefully updated with modern ones, while making sure to stick as close to the original language as possible. Definitely a step forward.