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Wansford Health for cosmetic injections in a medical setting - Botox and dermal fillers medical experts for Wrinkles, Get rid of frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet and smokers lines

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  • Ruthie Snodgrass - Everyone should see this movie, My husband and I ...

    Everyone should see this movie, My husband and I went to view it at the theater first. Before Obama got in there the first time. He has done exactly what he set out to do. If everyone would have watched it we wouldn't be in this mess. Trouble is the people that went to see it were not the ones that needed to.

  • Deev Murphy - No arguing with success

    Where I expected drivel, I found substance. Where it looked cutsy, I turned out to be grounded. Where I expected nothing, I got so much more than I ever could have imagined. The editor in me is amused at how the magazine is aimed to an attention-deficit readership - the articles are SHORT, with lots of bouncy graphics. But they have excellent content, perspective shifting ideas, and there's really no faulting anything that helps nurture a happiness meme. I can think of no better example than this month's feature article, on Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen is bright (personality & mentality), upbeat, a natural connector. It's seriously hard to imagine this woman ever was challenged to either be immensely happy or to grapple with bad habits. But who better to help people be happier & develop better habits than someone who aces both? Her books - which I expected to also be sunny drivel - made a change in my life. Many changes. Can't argue with success. Ditto for LIVING HAPPY magazine. I've been reading it since Jan 2015 - four issues - and my life, already famously happy, is even more so. And headed in new, fabulous professional directions, thanks to LIVING HAPPY. Why five stars? Because there's no arguing with success.

  • Harley Hunny - Very nice

    Fits well and keeps our Bassett and Beagle from damaging it. Nice and soft and company is excellent to deal with...sent wrong item first but they called us and made it right!

  • M. Heeren - Good designs, but not easy to use if you add personal touches

    There are both pros and cons with this software. I make all of my greeting cards because I enjoy doing it. I previously have used Nova Greeting Card Factory software. Hallmark has better designs than Nova does. Although Hallmark includes its logo on the back page, you can opt not to use that, which I prefer since I have my own design to use on the back.

  • Audrey Glenski - Absolutely the best gift my great

    Absolutely the best gift my great,great nephew (age 8) ever received! (so he says!!) He's enjoying it immensely; Great product, fast shipping too. Would recommend this seller:)

  • Byard F. Edwards - Having trouble getting the update successfully installed?

    The price was right by downloading from Amazon. The Personal database repopulated using last years tax return without a hitch. However, when it came to updating the software, I was unable to do so. Yes the data base downloaded and the installation engine performed its duties until the end was near, then it reversed itself. To no avail, I logged on as "Administrator" (right click icon) and used virtual OS with Vista and XP (currently with W7 OS). I reloaded the software and did a "repair" run. Still no success. Well, perhaps the upgrade code is a little funky and seen as a virus? I turned off my Kaspersky and Superantispyware software and presto: successful upgrade. Online help did not help but I told them the solution to my problem for what's it worth.