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  • Jeb67 - Zanfel & Me: Field Notes

    I have contacted poison ivy 4-5 times in the past 5-6 years doing ranch work on my place in central Montana. It seems impossible to avoid when working cattle or doing fenceline repair, especially when one has to focus on the tasks at hand. Under these circumstances I have had poison ivy rash most commonly on my hands and legs, but in the most severe cases pretty much all over my entire body. The first time I experienced poison ivy rash I tried a variety of creams and gels to try to reduce or stop the itching, including Calamine Lotion and Benadryl Gel. The Lotion and Gel reduced itching for a few minutes, or sometimes an hour or two if the rash was mild. I even tried coating the blisters and rash with clear nail polish thinking if I could block out air the itching would stop (this air-blocking rememdy works for fire ant bites in Florida,which blister like poison ivy blisters, but it did not help my poison ivy rash or blisters). I also tried Technu Outdoor Skin Cleaner (the original)which is suppose to remove poison ivy oils, but I did not get really true relief until I discovered Zanfel. In severe cases I have washed my poison ivy rashes as much as four times a day, in mild cases once a day, with Zanfel. In severe cases, with Zanfel, it takes up to 3-4 weeks to clear; in mild cases 7-10 days. Zanfel's most redeeming attribute in my opinion is that it relieves the horrible itching (in my severe cases for up to four hours, and in mild cases up to 12 hours). It also noticably reduces redness of the rash and when applied routinely and as-directed, the size of the rash is visibly reduced with almost each application. To save a few bucks, I have also tried the Walgreens copycat version of Zanfel, called "Poison Ivy Wash".It works also. But in side-by-side testing of Zanfel and the Walgreens copycat on my most recent poison ivy rash which I am currently treating, I prefer Zanfel.Zanfel seems to perform the best for me.

  • Kindle Customer - Great book

    I love the book. It really answers my questions about the rules in soccer. I am glad that I downloaded the book.

  • 5022 - Horrible packaging

    I had purchased this item before therefore I bought it again. When my package came in the solution was leaked all over the packaging it was no use to me and I just wasted my money.

  • Dee S - Definitely not Olaplex but is a good product for damanged hair!

    About My Hair: African American Natural Hair 4A/4B tightly curled and coily Fine dense strands. High Porosity due to damaged tresses

  • lĂ©ona - The medical student's bible

    This is literally the bible for step! I highly recommend also purchasing the flashcards at USMLE-Rx; they're not your typical, traditional term and definition flashcards; the questions are well-written and provide a comprehensive review of the material in the text; I wish I had had them while moving through biochemistry and physiology as a MD1. The 2015 version is an improvement over the 2014 version; additional material has been added to the GI chapter for example. I also recommend taking the book to a brick and mortar office supply store and getting it spiral bound.

  • coach G - mikasa rules

    Have used the MVA 200 before. Very easy to pick up in certain lighted gyms because of the eight panel design. Dimples provide that extra feel for setters and it is not so hard on the arms when passing. Needed another ball for my equipment bag and this is the one! Great for any level of competition if you want to pay that little bit extra,,,,,overall a great ball!