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  • Tracy Woodard - Best decoration EVER!!

    This thing is absolutely spectacular! It's like something you would see at Disney World (think Haunted Mansion). It is so simple to set up and when we put it in our window during Halloween for trick-or-treaters and for high schoolers coming for a Halloween party, it blew everyone away! It's so much better than I would have thought. It can go in any window, vertical or horizontal with a simple included screen that affixes to the window frame with double-sided tape. I'm pretty certain it could also be used on a standard window shade as well. Anyway, the animation is mesmerizing and if you're the type to get scared easily, it really is scarier than any other decoration I've seen! It seems like there are actually skeletons, zombies, etc. inside the house! We were the hit of the neighborhood! And, then, there's the Christmas animation that we can leave it out for. I haven't tried it yet, but supposedly, you can easily download more animated holiday scenes from the internet. I'm going to see whether they have one for Thanksgiving, as I'll be hosting that, as well. I would rate it more than 5 stars if I could!

  • John Murdoch - Still cannot import EPS version 3.0 graphics after all these years...

    Very disappointed. I have Publisher 2010, and upgraded in hopes of being able to import EPS 3.0 graphics. Microsoft says this imports EPS, but clearly not all.

  • Captain Curt - Worked Faster Than I Expected

    Hardly ever right reviews, but this stuff does work. I have algae/moss on the north facing side of my vinyl siding house. It is also on the plastic/vinyl lattice pieces below the siding and the ground (live on piers in FL flood zone). Sprayed the stuff on, went out the next day and (not kidding) the algae was was not "gone" in some areas, but it had turned most of the siding back to its original color (white). That's with no rain or water added after the product had dried. I don't know if others who are not seeing results are mixing it wrong or what. Use a measuring's easy. The only reason I didn't give this five stars is because I just saw this exact same stuff at Lowes for $18. It looked like the same size too, so I don't know what the deal is with that. Will definitely be buying it again though.

  • Leonard Miller - Do Not Download - MY fault nothing is really free.

    This free program wound up costing me over 240.00, after it told me what problems I had on my machine but to fix them you had to register the product and then it totally screwed up my computer (after I removed the anti-virus program I had on my machine). I called customer service of Avast and they said I still had my anti virus program on even after I removed it. and I also had other major problems on my machine.

  • KiwiLA - This is the third time I have bought a Nite ...

    This is the third time I have bought a Nite White 3 pack. It works well for me. I had Zoom 2 done at the dentist office and I use Nite White at home to stop the yellow from creeping back with all the tea and coffee I consume! I wear it for about half an hour in custom dentist made trays during the day every couple of weeks. I don't have sensitivity so no problem there, the taste is a bit yucky, but worth it. Every packet I've bought has a full 12 months to the expiry date on delivery.

  • Pam D. - But that seal is easy compared to front seal

    Unreal...stopped a leaking front main converter seal on an 87 Chevy van within a 15 mile drive...been leaking for 10 plus years...had to add a quart of trans fluid every 4-6 months. The speedometer gear seal still dripped...took it out to replace and it was far to gone to expect a miracle there. But that seal is easy compared to front seal. Wow, no kidding I'm impressed. I'll by it again no doubt. To cheap to not try it first.