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Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial - La Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial desde hace 45 años viene formando profesionales en diferentes áreas, siendo líder y referente en el ámbito de educación en el país.

  • Correo UTE - How to use the CSS background-size property to make an image fully span the entire viewport.

    Country:, South America, EC

    City: -78.5 Provincia de Pichincha, Ecuador

  • S. Pearce - Not a hardcore workout

    I received this game as a gift because I love the Jillian Michael's dvds (Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, and 30 Day Shred) which are a great workout! I assumed this game would be similar and wanted it as soon as I got a Wii Fit. However the game is rather boring and not a good workout. There are 2 circuits pre-loaded on the game, however the first circuit is running laps for 5 minutes around the virtual island... then after each circuit Jillian stops, puts her hand on her hip, and you have to hit the A button and wait for the next circuit to begin. There's so much stopping and starting it's frustrating. If you want a great workout, stick to the dvds, this game is a waste of time.

  • Siri - This game is gold

    The campaign is excellent, the ingame music is in another level and the multiplayer is amazing like every other battlefield game but better.

  • Riley - ... very hectic and some of them are more than easy. There are 30 strategies and tips which are ...

    There are many ways of earning but some of them are very hectic and some of them are more than easy. There are 30 strategies and tips which are amazing. This guide book is one of that book which provides you information about earning passive income through very simplest way that would be very tough to do. There has been taught very easy procedure of making online money and manifested ways of utilizing multiple income sources and become financially free. Throughout informative guide book.

  • Mrsrt3 - Easy to use

    This software only took about 15 minutes to set it up. Once I had all the information that I wanted in the will it was easy to review and print. 

  • James Wilkins - It's ok for it's intended purpose, however, I ...

    It's ok for it's intended purpose, however, I bought it with the understanding the radio itself is portable or at least it would be able to run off the portable battery. It does not!

  • Madison Carney - awesome!

    its so fun omg! its a little tricky at first but i got the hang of it really quick. (note i am a dancer so this may be why) its so much fun and the song are great!

  • MrsR - Love this wash!

    This wash works so well! I have had stinky feet for ages, and use the foot scrubber that sticks to the shower floor. It helped, but now that I use this cleanser it is amazing! It has a strong odor (my husband says it smells like toilet bowl cleaner, I disagree) but it really does the job on my feet.