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Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - US Doctors' Clinical is our premium range of high quality doctor formulated dietary supplements to deliver the most potent nutritional benefits for your health.

  • Shop Clinically Proven Supplements | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - Shop Clinically Proven Supplements; Arthro-7, Blood Pressure Vitality, BrainPower Advanced, CitriCholess, ColonVita Advanced, G.H.3., Lung Support Formula, Mega MSM, Prostata, SurAsleep
  • Shop Bone and Joint Health Supplements | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - Shop Bone and Joint Health Supplements, Arthro-7, Arthro8, Mega MSM, OsteoNourish
  • Citricholess Cholesterol Support Dietary Supplement | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - CitriCholess works by blocking the enzyme involved in cholesterol production of HMG-CoA reductase. Bergamonte™, the Citrus Bergamot extract in CitriCholess, is able to reduce cholesterol levels within liver cells. With less cholesterol being produced by the liver, the liver cells can absorb more of the cholesterol circulating in the bloodstream, which typically comes from cholesterol-containing foods reacting on the LDL receptors on the surface of the liver.
  • Shop Digestive Health Supplements | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - Shop Digestive Health Supplements, ColonVita Advanced, Gut Comfort, Probiotic-6
  • Kidney Nourish Kidney Health Dietary Supplement | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - The kidneys help filter 200 quarts of blood and remove about 2 quarts of waste and toxins daily. For centuries, Chinese and Tibetan herbalists have been using a special herb called cordyceps to support kidney health.Cordyceps’s remarkable qualities have made it a staple in Chinese and Tibetan Medicine. The knowledge of this herb’s benefits to kidney health has been handed down from generation to generation and today the Chinese and Tibetan cultures are renowned for their excellent health and long life expectancy.Now that you see how important your kidneys are, you’re sure to want effective nutrients to keep them healthy. The traditional herbs in Kidney Nourish provide an antioxidant powerhouse that strengthens your kidneys and immune system, providing one-of-a-kind kidney health support.‡
  • livertend Liver Heath Dietary Supplement | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - LiverTend™ can help support healthy liver function, nourish the liver, and protect your liver and your overall health. It provides the precise combination of science-backed nutrients to provide your liver the nutrients it needs and addresses any nutritional deficiencies that keep your liver from functioning optimally. It also gives your liver the added protective factors to help combat the effects of toxins and a stressful lifestyle. LiverTend™ can assist your liver in restoring and rebuilding itself.
  • Lung Support Formula | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - Lung Support Formula contains 16 active ingredients including a proprietary blend of 12 Traditional Chinese Medicines.
  • SurAsleep Sleep Aid | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - SurAsleep is an all-natural, fast-acting, proprietary sleep aid formula that is not habit-forming and supports natural, restful (rapid eye movement) REM sleep. SurAsleep contains a unique proprietary combination of ingredients that allows for natural, restful sleep that does not cause morning grogginess and will help you to get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep.
  • Our Mission: Doctor-Formulated Nutraceuticals | Doctor Recommended & Clinically Proven Dietary Supplements - U.S. Doctor's Clinical is our premium range of physician-formulated and doctor recommended products containing high-quality nutrients that deliver the most potent benefits for your health. We don’t want our formulas to be just good for you; we want them to be the very best products that you can rely on time and time again. These physician-formulated products are made to the exacting standards of professional physicians and healthcare practitioners.

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  • Amanda Z - I'm in love!!

    I took the plunge and decided to buy this Floormate to wash my hardwood bamboo floors. A year ago I bought the Haan steamer which is a great product but there were a few things that I didn't like. I loved the Haan because it was just water which is great - no chemicals. When I used it it worked great but didn't like that the floor had to be swept or vacuumed really well before you started - otherwise it would push around the dirt on the floor. The microfiber pads got dirty and they were difficult to clean. I would wash them in the washing machine but never looked like it did when it was new. I thought there had to be a better way...

  • violet - daughter loves it.

    this one looks really nice in actual. i love the dress and the color of it. got it for my daughter for her birthday.

  • SHEILA CHANG - Database Update Function Stops, Customer Service Poor

    I bought Kaspersky Internet Security in March 2013. In only 4 months the database update function has stopped twice for no apparent reason (the same thing happened last year with an earlier version). I thought it was my computer at first, and I spent a considerable amount of time and energy checking and having my computer swept for conflicting antivirus software (i.e., Trend Micro). My internet connection works fine so that's not the problem. The worst part is the sheer waste of time contacting the KIS customer support. They gave me the complete run around for over a month via email, finally advising me to uninstall and reinstall the product (which I did), downloading an app that creates a system report and sending it via email attachment to a tech. I followed every step - twice. Then after waiting several days for a reply, I was advised nothing could be done. I'm just out of luck with this product. So now I'm stuck with an antivirus product with an obsolete database that will not update. KIS2013 is a lemon.

  • Diane B - I find that my skin now needs a LOT of attention

    After years of smoking, sunbathing and not paying attention to my skin, I find that I now need a LOT of attention. I now have shallow wrinkles, brown spots and dry skin. I'd tried a variety of moisturizers a dn find that this hyaluronicacid works the best and gives me results that I can see. It has vitamins C and E..... contains aloe vera, witch hazel, jojoba oil and green tea.....all natural ingredients. It goes on so smoothly and every time I use it I feel like I am finally sealing in moisture. I live in the desert and have very dry skin so sealing in any moisture is a must for me.

  • andre lebron - Not HD at all

    Return this product because it was too pixelated you can notice of pixels no matter what size you put it don't get me wrong it works fine but picture quality is poor like a Fisher Price toy

  • zinnia - This product along with Microsoft tech support is horrible. They put a graphics driver in office that ...

    This product along with Microsoft tech support is horrible. They put a graphics driver in office that messed up my computer. Runs so slow it is unusable. Tried tech support and they are worthless. Bad product, horrible support.

  • Dysasha - Better than expected.

    I am not sure what kind of watch they used to get 25 hours of battery power, but it was way way off, 10 hours is more realistic, that being said, I still gave the product 5 stars because the sound clarity is awesome, the volume level is fantastic, it works perfectly in every other way, Quality is on par or exceeds several other units ve used including my portable Bose.