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  • Allana D - Looks shabby after one wash!

    After all the positive reviews I'm surprised by the poor quality of this sheet - after only one wash there are pills everywhere! I usually don't notice little things like that, but honestly it looks so old and shabby I couldn't miss it - and I haven't even used it yet. The flannel is clearly not well made, and I'll be returning the other two I got. Luckily I only pre-washed one.

  • Kelley J. Campana - Spider Massacre (but only when sprayed directly on spider)

    This absolutely works! We moved into a new house that has a large screened in patio. The patio was absolutely infested with long-jawed orb weaver spiders. I initially sprayed the entire house and patio with Ortho Home Defense, which has been pretty effective for keeping roaches out of the house, but did nothing for the patio spiders. So I purchased this product based on the great reviews. I sprayed every nook and cranny of the patio and spiders were freaking out and falling from their webs everywhere, there were so many more spiders than I thought. This may be species or size dependent, but they did not die immediately, or even several minutes, after being sprayed. After about an hour I checked back and saw a ton of dead spiders, but there were some that were still alive but struggling. There was one outside my patio door that I kept an eye on after spraying it directly and it took probably 4 hours to finally die. So don't be discouraged if the spiders are still alive after a while. I also went out and sprayed the entire outside of the screened patio as well, as I noticed several spiders that were up under the roof on the outside of the screen. This morning I went out and didn't see a single spider that was still alive, but I saw tons of dead ones. I'm very impressed. I don't know how long the protection will last, but I can't imagine that I will get the full 12 months out of it, as it is outside in a hot an humid climate, I'm just happy to have a patio cleared of spiders for now.

  • Anthony V - works great

    the instructions were unclear but i called them up and they were able to sort everything out for me very easily

  • Rahkia Waleruis - Works great for seasonal allergies and I don't have to worry ...

    Works great for seasonal allergies and I don't have to worry about putting garbage into my system to feel better. I love that it is a natural product made by a great company. I can't go through an allergy season without it!

  • Michael Amantea - Five Stars

    CAME INSTANTLY, way above average packaging, low price and quality equal to the charger that came with the phone.

  • average guy - A must have for any muscle car owner!!!!!!

    Fit perfect, looks awesome. Installation was a breeze. Fast shipping. A great addition to my Dodge Challenger. Would definitely recommend this product