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Home | - Non narcotic pain relievers yield unexpected results for treating acute pain. These natural pain relievers are really good for physical rehabilitationn

  • About Us | - At ultimaxxhealth we have licensed Physician & Orthopedic Surgeon who strongly recommends natural pain killers for treating any pain. These natural pain killers utilize enzymes to reduce inflammation that helps in natural healing process
  • Natural Solutions | - These non narcotic pain relief products promote a healthy immune system by eliminateing severe pain.
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  • Blog | - visit our blog daily where our licensed Physician dsicuss and suggest natural medications for imroving the the overall health

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  • Barton P. - WARNING for potential buyers about LATENCY

    This product is excellent for beginning and intermediate guitar players, and this review does not address its qualities in that regard. However, there is an issue of LATENCY that is confused in the reviews I've read, and I'd like to post the actual instructions from the product. The enclosed instructions specifically say that if you connect your audio indirectly to your TV--that is, PS3 audio output via HDMI to TV, then TV audio output to audio system--that you are most likely to encounter latency, and this setup is therefore specifically not recommended. To avoid latency, you MUST connect your PS3 audio output directly to your audio system. It's a pain, and may necessitate the purchase of extra cables and adapters, but latency renders the program unusable.

  • MLG_Bo - Fun game, although it does have some minor bugs

    Fun game, although it does have some minor bugs. Also the accidents where you have to use paramedics are annoying. And sometimes firefighters will try to put out a different fire other then what you tell them.

  • R. RAMIREZ - No more cable bills for me!

    I connected the antenna to my Vizio 23 inch LCD HDTV, I did an automatic channel scan and about 60+ channels were found, mostly local channels and a couple of channels I've never seen before which appear to be cable and/or public access channels. I live in New York City, by the way.


    I couldn't put it down till the end. I enjoyed it fully although horrified of what our prison system is like. I can't wait for another. I've read all of the Dillard series. My husband and I love your books!

  • Natalia Jones - Why what beautiful lashes you have

    I really wanted to give this product a shot before writing a review because I was sceptacle. Well, let me tell you the results are amazing. My eyelashes are darker, thicker and look absolutely beautiful. I have been getting compliment on my lashes some one actually thought they were falsies. Well little did they know I've been using Bang. Love it!