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The Tull Charitable Foundation - The Tull Charitable Foundation's Trustees prefer to make grants that will have a significant and lasting impact on an organization as well as its community, and in the past has provided grants in Georgia in the following areas: Art, Culture, Education, Schools, Health & Human Services, Youth Development, Housing, Community Development, Civic Improvement.

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  • Mary M. Straight - grandson loves it!

    My three year old grandson loves his subscription. In fact, he keeps the latest issue in the basket by the toilet so he can sit and read while he's going.... just like his dad!

  • M. Hill - Not too bad for 15 years of service without needing the septic ...

    I can only assume this stuff works because I've used it ocassionally over the past 15 years and after recently digging up my septic tank, I was very surprised to see that all was well. Not too bad for 15 years of service without needing the septic tank drained. Thank you !

  • CampFireCooker - Nice looking but not too functional.

    This is a good quality product, however, it does not perform well even with strong signals from the radio station. Fortunately I have SiriusXM so when I get out of town I just switch over to it. There are other models up to 13" but the reviews don't seem much better.

  • Amazon Customer - I was preparing to purchase PS today. Was surprised ...

    I was preparing to purchase PS today. Was surprised to learn it is now going to a subscription plan and the cloud. With the of security and reliability of the internet at such a low point, I will never become involved in such a scheme. Count me out!

  • Denise Van plew - satisfy the craving

    If not mistaken this author has not written many but fortunate for us readers she has chosen a series in paranormal. She will get you involved right away with Prince Kael whom will have a big upset. Whom he thinks caused it will also pull on emotional strings (just like this author does) with Cara being a suspect. When it is unraveling we get to be right there every step of the way. She will give us how love will conquer prejudice also. It will also be hard not to become attached to this prince because he belongs to someone else. I find it exhilarating reading love/hate battles seeing who will come out on top. By the time it is finished unraveling with final outcome you will have been melted by heat and satisfied your craving for suspense. Good beginning also in this series.

  • bluek9 - Awesome stuff - Saves tons of time

    All I can say is that this stuff works (at least for me). I have a north facing side of a cedar home in Redmond WA. Over the last few years a noticeable amount of moss/algae had started to show around a 200 sq foot area of the cedar siding. I bought the .5 gallon and used just half of it (yes, definitely follow the instructions for 1-to-5 parts and you won't be sorry). I sprayed the mix as instructed on a nice cool evening and hoped for the best. The very next morning I checked it and the cedar was like new (well not quite but no moss any more). For my situation it worked that quickly. It did not stain the paint either. Like with any cleaning agent, make sure to wear eye goggles etc.