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Medicare Advantage in Oregon | Trillium Advantage - We offer Medicare Advantage plans in Oregon that include all of the benefits of Original Medicare PLUS other important benefits that help you take care of your whole body, like prescription drug coverage and vision care.

  • Find a Doctor | Trillium Advantage - Find a doctor in Oregon, a pharmacy, hospital, drug store or other health care provider that’s in your Trillium Medicare Advantage network.
  • Contact Us | Trillium Advantage - Contact Trillium Advantage in Oregon for help with finding a doctor, Medicare Advantage coverage information or reimbursement requests.
  • About | Trillium Advantage - Trillium Medicare Advantage provides Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) and Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans (SNPs) in Oregon.
  • Medicare Basics | Trillium Advantage - Medicare is a program that provides health care insurance to people age 65 and older. Trillium Medicare Advantage provides Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans.
  • Questions about Medicare | Trillium Advantage - If you have questions about Medicare, get the answers you need on enrollment, costs, renewals and dual eligibility.
  • Medicare Advantage Plan Details | Trillium Advantage - Find specifics about Medicare Advantage Plans in Oregon available from Trillium Medicare Advantage, including service areas, summary of benefits and financial assistance through the “Extra Help” program.
  • Which Medicare Plan is Right for Me? | Trillium Advantage - Find a Medicare Advantage plan that is right for you with our plan selection tool. Answer a few questions and get a better understanding of the Medicare coverage you need.
  • Medicare and Medicaid Eligible | Trillium Advantage - Medicare Advantage is available as a Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan, or D-SNP, for people who are Medicare and Medicaid eligible.
  • Medicare Advantage Plan | Trillium Advantage - Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C, are available in Oregon through Trillium Medicare Advantage.
  • Enroll in Medicare Advantage | Trillium Advantage - Need to know how to enroll in Medicare Advantage? Oregon residents can enroll in one of our Medicare Advantage Plans online, by phone or by mail.
  • Medicare Reference Documents | Trillium Advantage - Access important reference documents, rules, guidelines, forms and contact information for necessary tasks you may need to address.
  • Member Rights and Resources | Trillium Advantage - You can find an Oregon doctor or pharmacy, look up your medicine in the formulary to be sure it's covered; or even find helpful forms to take with you to your next doctor's appointment.
  • Doctor Visit Forms | Trillium Advantage - Take these helpful forms with you to the doctor when you’re being seen for Asthma, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol or Weight Management.

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  • Gigi - Love it!

    Really has helped my Manchester Terrier's coat. She has dry skin issues that produce much dandruff and this shampoo not only eliminates that problem but I notice she doesn't scratch at her skin anymore. Will definitely order again!

  • Randi - Boys loved this!! Their dad is a superhero!!

    My 4 year old and 2 year old sons loved this book. highly recommended!!! My 2 year old was actually sitting still for the whole story quietly listening!!! That's hard to accomplish!!!

  • Cindy - problems with the titanium edition

    We downloaded the titanium edition and it is not letting us open it until we have the base game opened first....what is the base game? Do we need just the plain farming simulator 2013 before we can open titanium? TIA

  • Melanie Ellison - Good and Bad

    My kids ages 9-21 love this! Fun to dance and watch. I would have given it 5 stars, but I do not like that you have to download and/or purchase more songs. It should come with the current songs that it says it does.

  • novice - DO NOT USE SPACES

    Great product, but installation is always a pain. Even buying directly from Webroot didn't help. If you are renewing, and the keycode prompt doesn't come up, you have to press the gear button next to My Account to enter the keycode. You don't have to use dashes, but DO NOT use spaces!

  • Cookie - It needs a little work

    Although the mag itself is a good source for tasty, healthy recipes the "Kindle-ization" was not a success. I hate scrolling around, zooming in and out whenever I am looking through it. It is even worse when I'm trying to cook from it.

  • Amazon Customer - can't everyone watching this infomercial see that each actor has slimmer arms and therefore lost weight all over...

    I am watching the infomercial right now. How could anyone believe that it would work. Every single "real person and not a paid actor" has noticeably slimmer upper arms and chin/neck area in the after photo. They clearly lost weight through diet and exercise - iit even says that they followed a "moderate diet and exercise program" at the bottom right corner during each testimonial. There is no way to spot reduce fat. Reduced calories and added exercise is the only way to lose weight.