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Welcome to Total FootCare Solutions - Total FootCare Solutions in London is an established footcare clinic providing footcare procedures for many years.

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  • Kenneth Hudak - Horn helps people like me see what that trouble looks like

    I have finally been able to read this book cover to cover and will keep it handy as a reference and resource tool.

  • jz5188 - It works like Charm, Inspection Passed! Yoho!!!!!

    I got my year2000 lexus es300 check engine light (CEL) on and code is P0420, the car got 185K miles already, my inspection is coming, What I do? change a OEM catalyst converter cost me $2000. Check amazon reviews, I got this one and poured it in base on instruction. Did not work for the first 10 miles with 1/4 tank, CEL back again. After refilled the gas tank, I deleted the CEL but it back on again after 50 miles, I deleted again then it back after 100 miles. I gave up and even want to buy all parts(O2 sensors and catalyst converter), but finally it works after 150 miles, Code P0420 are gone and CEL never back on. I went to MVC and Passed inspection, Binggo! Now it is more than 200 miles and still no light on.

  • Ham Rolo - Like no other paranormal documentary before!

    Like no other ghost or paranormal doc out there. The film makers are hillarious and engaging while staying serious to the subject matter. The experts involved really bring this one home. Amazing film!