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Associazione Toscana Giaggiolo | Sfumature di bellezza nella campaga toscana - Con le sue dolci sfumature violacee, il Giaggiolo anima il paesaggio della Toscana. Dalle sue radici si producono essenze pregiate per la realizzazione di prodotti di alta gamma

  • Il Giaggiolo | Associazione Toscana Giaggiolo - l’Iris viene coltivato in Toscana, dalle sue radici si producono essenze utilizzate in vari settori; il suo fiore è fonte di ispirazione per l’arte
  • L'associazione | Associazione Toscana Giaggiolo - L’Associazione Toscana Giaggiolo riunisce più di 200 piccoli coltivatori toscani ed è il riferimento italiano per la produzione e vendita di rizomi d’Iris
  • Il territorio | Associazione Toscana Giaggiolo - le coltivazioni di iris sorgono tra le colline del chianti e valdarno, tra i filari di ulivi e viti
  • Gli utilizzi | Associazione Toscana Giaggiolo - il giaggiolo è un prodotto versatile e del tutto naturale che viene utilizzato in vari settori, come profumi, cosmetici, alcolici e in erboristeria

    Country:, Europe, ES

    City: -3.684 , Spain

  • David W. Spain - why did i buy this

    it took too long to put on, looked horrible and wiped right off with tissue!! my 3 year old daughter was laughing at me every time that i came out with a new shade trying to match my face. at least we had fun laughing at the results. i do hate that i'm out $50 though!

  • mike - great mattress!

    my wife and I bought this mattress to replace our old one. we've had it for a couple of weeks. the first few days it was different but now it is great! we sleep soundly with minimal tossing and turning

  • R. Burnthorn - A great upgrade for the N66

    The AC 88U is replacing my RT-N66 router as my main router. With the advent of 4K streaming, Plex, IP Cameras, NAS boxes, Rokus and backups, I felt that I needed to have a more robust router as at certain times it seemed that my N66 couldn't keep up. Not very often but enough to make we want to upgrade my 3 year old amazing router.

  • rainbowgurl23 - More Gore Does Not Equal A Great Show

    Well, I can't believe the day has finally come where I will stop watching this show. Someone else commented on here about being tired of the same story basically being recycled, but with more and more gore. Yes, that is exactly what this opening episode was, and I just don't think making something traumatizing means it's a good show. I personally have been more captivated by Fear the Walking Dead, which as rich characters and more interesting storylines. FTWD is an intense show, but they use gore in a way that's compelling, not just for shock factor. I'm so disappointed with this season's opener, and I'm so over this basic story line of seeing Rick and company be dragged through hell just to come out fine on the other end (this hasn't happened yet, but I know that's what's going to happen). I'm bummed out that I bought the full season pass for this show, and am hoping that I can get my money back since I don't plan on watching it anymore.