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Thumbay Hospital-The Best Treatment in UAE - Thumbay Hospitals in UAE, the best treatment centre have emerged into leading Healthcare providers in UAE.

  • About Thumbay Hospital | Education | Healthcare | Research | UAE - Thumbay Chain of Hospitals is one of the largest health care providers in the UAE region. The group focuses on three pillars Education, Healthcare and Research.
  • Message from Founder President - At Thumbay Hospitals we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology with traditional care and warmth, as we truly feel the world is our extended family.
  • Salient Features - Thumbay Hospital - The Best Treatment in UAE - With our Hospitals and Medical Centres in Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai and Hyderabad (India), Thumbay Chain of Hospitals is one of the largest health care providers in the region.
  • Corporate Objective - Thumbay Hospital, the best treatment in Dubai UAE - The Thumbay Hospital possesses a strong set of values that aims to support business integration while creating a sense of belonging.
  • The Seeds of Excellence- Thumbay Group | UAE - Thumbay Group was founded in 1998 by a visionary educationist and third generation entrepreneur from India, Thumbay Moideen.
  • Accreditations and Memberships | Thumbay Hospital - Best treatment - Thumbay Hospital has received international accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), the worldwide leader in improving the quality of healthcare.
  • Careers | Job Openings | Thumbay Hospital | UAE - We, at Thumbay Group always strive to achieve excellence in all activities. If you feel, you contribute to the growth of the organization and in turn fuel your own growth, apply now to join us.
  • Ajman | Thumbay Hospital - Best Treatment Ajman - Thumbay Hospitals in Ajman, the best treatment centre have emerged into leading Healthcare providers in Ajman.
  • Dubai | Thumbay Hospital - Best Treatment Dubai - Thumbay Hospitals in Dubai, the best treatment centre have emerged into leading Healthcare providers in Dubai.
  • Fujairah | Thumbay Hospital - Best Treatment Fujairah - Thumbay Hospitals in Fujairah, the best treatment centre have emerged into leading Healthcare providers in Fujairah.
  • Sharjah | Thumbay Hospital - Best Treatment Sharjah - Thumbay Hospitals in Sharjah, the best treatment centre have emerged into leading Healthcare providers in Sharjah.
  • Hyderabad | Thumbay Hospital - Best Treatment in Hyderabad - Thumbay Hospitals in Hyderabad, the best treatment centre have emerged into leading Healthcare providers in Hyderabad.
  • Gulf Medical University | Thumbay Hospital - Best treatment - The Gulf Medical University’s brand statement, ‘Learn from the World’, depicts learning as a process that cannot be limited to the precincts of the books or the institution alone. With a perfect blend of capable faculty and well-equipped infrastructure, the students acquire the best from the world to hone their skills and knowledge.
  • Women Wellness | Thumbay Hospital – The Best Treatment in UAE - Women wellness is an important priority for Thumbay Hospital, Women's Services brings together leading physicians and health care professionals in virtually every medical specialty
  • Accident and Emergency Department | Emergency Services | UAE - The Accident and Emergency Department at Thumbay Hospital serves the population of Ajman 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • International Medical and Health Tourism - The International Medical Tourism Department of Thumbay Hospital take care of all the steps to make medical tourism and health tourism trip a success.
  • Virtual Tour | Thumbay Hospital - Best treatment | UAE - Thumbay Hospital virtual tour represents all patient facilities, clinics, medical centers, urgent care centers and other healthcare facilities.
  • Enquiry Form | Thumbay Hospital - Best treatment - Make an enquiry & Feel free to contact Thumbay Hospital UAE. Kindly drop your details, using the enquiry web form or directly call us. For more details, simply visit

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    City: -96.8207 Texas, United States

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