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The Thomsen Group Inc. - The Thomsen Group was founded to provide outpatient and mail order refill center pharmacies the technology of pharmaceutical and distribution companies with a with a better understanding of how technology and automation impacts the business and practice of pharmacy.

  • The Thomsen Group Inc. - Christopher Thomsen - As the founder and President of The Thomsen Group, Christopher brings more than 20 years of global experience to the areas of business development and automation design and implementation.
  • The Thomsen Group Inc - CE Programs & Seminars - The Thomsen Group provides CE programs and seminars to any group in need of a better understanding of how technology and automation will impact the practice of pharmacy.

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  • L. Harrell - Only made one smoothie, and knew immediatly the Ninja was junk.

    This Ninja 600 was returned after only one use. My previous blender was a Cuisinart 600 that lasted for 9 years. Once I received the Ninja, I made my typical smoothie with ice. I let the Ninja do it's thing for a couple of minutes, and realized the peanut butter was sticking to the sides of the jar. So I stopped the blender and had to use a spatula to scrapes the sides. However, the spatula kept hitting all the blades inside the jar, and it was difficult to scrape. That's the first strike.

  • Pearlseattle - Beware the "edition"

    My mother tongue is not English, so a few days back I decided to buy the "Limited" edition thinking that it was something "exclusive" and/or "special".

  • Grama J - Bought for my granddaughter

    I have to give this five stars because of the look on my granddaughter's face when she opened the package on Christmas eve. She's eight and she loves odd statistics and she just whooped and hugged the book! Then she started reading us some of the grosser ones. lol! For the right age group, this is a fantastic gift. I would have preferred the great old yellow-covered one with the old-fashioned line drawings that was as distinctive as an almanac. This one, while a solid quality book with tons of photos and information to keep the reader totally engrossed, looks like any other nice gift book - from the cover, at least. But I'm probably just getting old; my granddaughter loved it and no doubt kept my daughter and son-in-law up all night quoting from it.