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The Tanning Blog - All about tanning and healthy UV-exposure - The Tanning Blog - All you need to know about healthy tanning and how to use indoor tanning sunbeds to get your vitamin D.

  • About - The Tanning Blog - Hello tanners!  I am Karl Göran Olsson, the "Guru" behind this blog, a dedicated promoter of healthy tanning for vitaminD. You can read my biography HERE a
  • Secrets of UV-light for Healthy Tanning - The Tanning Blog - UV-light For Healthy Tanning. Most experts get this wrong. Authorities don’t take it into account when they make regulations. Dermatologists and manufacture ...
  • Vitamin D Research Info - The Tanning Blog - Get the latest information about vitamin D research from vitamin D Wiki, vitamin D council and pubMed and other official sources of vitamin D research.
  • "UV-Doping" - A New Scandal Targets Russian Use of UV-Exposure - The Tanning Blog - A shocking report published today reveals the details of another allegation of an official doping program with UV-Doping in Russia.
  • This Red Light Therapy Tanning Lamp Skyrocketed My Vitamin D Level - The Tanning Blog - Red Light Therapy Tanning is the future of indoor tanning. A rejuvenating, soft but long-lasting, tan and, with the right kind of lamp, also vitamin D
  • Inventor of the Tanning Lamp Nominated for the Nobel Prize - The Tanning Blog - Leaked information from the Nobel Prize Committee - the inventor of the Tanning Lamp is among the nominees for 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • Consumer Association in France Calling For Ban Of Sunbeds - The Tanning Blog - Could France be the next country after Brazil and Australia to ban sunbeds? The campaign against use of sunbeds is intensifying and entering ...
  • Vitamin D experts speak about vitamin D from sunlight and sunbeds - Leading experts on vitamin D answer 6 questions about vitamin D from sunlight and sunbeds. Video and transcripts of their answers regarding indoor tanning.
  • Trending Tanning Topics: Lose Weight - Have Heart - Avoid The Sun - False Facts - FS Expo - Kona Goes Paraben-Free - The Tanning Blog - The Tanning Guru presents this weeks' trending tanning topics: Positive research from the excellent Edinburgh University and negativism from cave groups in Australia and the USA.
  • The Sunbed Ban in Australia - When SunSmart Gets Stupid - The Tanning Blog - The sunbed ban in Australia - SunSmartness gets STUPID! Find out how two big lies and a Cave Woman make people in Australia sick by the tanning bed ban.
  • Obama Lacks Vitamin D - A Sunbed in the White House Would Be Better Than Taking Supplements - The Tanning Blog - The President’s Periodic Physical Exam shows that President Obama has a "mild Vitamin D deficiency". President Obama's level of Vitamin D was 22.9 (ng/ml) ...
  • FDA wants to reduce the risk of melanoma and makes new rules for sunbeds but how big is the risk of indoor tanning in reality? - The Tanning Blog - How big is the risk of indoor tanning? The new rules from FDA about sunbeds are wrong and based upon fiction and PR, not facts. Get REAL about sunbeds!
  • Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group - The Tanning Blog - How are Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group connected? The Western mainstream media are vilifying both sunshine and Russia. Without any real proof ...

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  • Kindle Customer - Great book definitely recommend

    I have chosen this rating because the book has lots of details and interesting parts if you like something sad happy and romantic I would definitely recommend it I loved it so much by the way it is more then just slumber party wars many more wars it involves friendship and lots of other things I hope u enjoy!

  • Doris Brown - Absolutely amazing.

    I go about 2 times a day, my body never does that. This cleanser makes you regular, just make sure you drink water throughout the day some cramping if you don't drink enough water.

  • Emma - Tough on impurities, gentle on skin; leaves face healthy, polished, and blemish-free

    The St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot scrub is tough enough to get rid of blackheads, dirt, and oil but gentle enough to use everyday on my sensitive skin. It leaves my face feeling smooth and clean without drying or causing that post-scrub redness and irritation that is common with a lot of facial scrubs. The fragrance is subtle and fresh, like ripe apricot. After the first time I used it my skin looked and felt healthier and more polished. Soon, my face became less oily between washes, my pores shrank, and the dry skin was virtually eliminated. Within a few weeks there was no need to wear foundation because the imperfections were gone and haven't come back since. Not only is it oil-free, it's also free of parabens and skin-drying sulfates which is great for anyone seeking a product without a lot of harsh chemicals that can cause an imbalance and damage the delicate skin. Another plus is that it's better for the environment than a lot of similar scrubs. It doesn't exfoliate using thousands of little plastic microbeads which contaminate water and can build up in the plumbing. Instead, it uses 100% natural exfoliants. I would recommend this product to anyone!

  • anonymous investor - The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing 2013 review

    This book was great. As a beginner investor, I learned a lot about the basics of stock market investing. The author breaks down the information of what you need to know to feel confident. He bases this information on backed up data by O'Shaughnessy's research, other prominent investors, and his experience. The author is very opinionated, which I like because I want to know what the author does personally when he invests. I read one book before I read this and it was highly conservative. It made me never want to put my money into the stock market. Anyways, the author showed several techniques using charts as to when to buy or sell your stocks. Although I got the implication from that section that I will always be buying or selling every month or so, this contradicts keeping stocks long term. Additionally, if I am told correctly, buying and selling short term (less than a year) puts you in a higher tax bracket than if you were to keep the stocks long term (more than a year). The tax % difference of the short and long term capital gain is a big deal to me, which I learned about in the book I read before this, because the government is taking a relatively big chunk out of your potential gain! The author doesn't go into tax discussion, but regardless, if selling short term, you still make money, just less. I hope for future editions the author can discuss his thought process and how to approach taxable gains and/or loss. I didn't really think this was a beginner's book, but I didn't think this was an expert book either. I didn't think it's a beginner's book because it's not a textbook-like book where it gives you a definition of what a certain word means. Instead, it gives you an analogy. I didn't think it was an expert book because, like the author said, he left out all the financial equations. I think reading this book in conjugation with is a good combination to answer your own questions. I also think reading another book for a second opinion is good for understanding the different ways different investors use the terms. This book definitely increased my investing vocabulary AND understanding and confidence significantly. I recommend getting this book.

  • ccb2 - The Best ANTI-American Short Stories 2011

    I should have known when the editor (not to be confused with the GUEST editor) said the functional equivalent of "Americans and their petty problems bore me. Send me a story--maybe two!--that mention Lagos and THEN my interest will be piqued!"--this was not going to be the collection for me. Still, I read on, ignoring the red flags being waved when the guest editor--an Australian w/a Pulitzer--expressed her struggles at selecting worthy examples of short stories with "honest emotion" before imparting to the (hopefully) Godless youth the "wisdom" that true American writing can only be formed after having "authentic life experiences" = spending time in...gross European train stations(?). I am ashamed to say..I read on.

  • V. Ulibas - Very complete.

    I found this book to be a preety good introduction to Computer Science. (although its preety obvious the writers didnt know a whole lot about certain avenues of technology)...