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  • O. Mira - Very RUDE and horrible service

    I have never had such customer service! RIPP-OFFS!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, TIME, AND NERVES! NOT WORTH the product! Luiminess company in Stafford TX, scams! Cannot express enough my frustration and wasted money and time!!!

  • MykDnm - On a 1-10 scale with with 1 being a feather pillow and 10 being a pile of bricks covered with foam, this mattress is a solid 9.3

    After finding NOTHING negative anywhere, I was sure I was about to have the best sleep of my life delivered. (I ordered direct)

  • Norrees - Does not work at all !

    This product does not do what it says it will do : remove rust. I tried it more than once, in many ways, I followed the instructions the first time, let it sit for 2 min, it didnt work, So I thought I'd let it sit for a while, didn't work, used it diluted, didnt work, used it pure, didnt work, tried scrubbing, tried without scrubbing...nothing, nothing, nothing worked. I don't know if it works for calcium or lime or anything else but it SURELY does NOT work on RUST ! I saw so many reviews from people raving about it but it didn't work for me, very disappointed.

  • Paula Usrey - Not my first choice

    We had virus problems even with this product. Staples removed it and downloaded a different product they said would be more effective. I believe we had over 100 viruses that needed to be cleaned out even though we had Norton.

  • Douglas J. Miller - I just heard Mr Horn on a radio program. ...

    I just heard Mr Horn on a radio program. He was so excited I think his socks were rolling up and down. You see, the AZ Dept of Transportation (ADOT) had just released a stationary highway camera shot showing what could be imagined to be a family of Bigfoot crossing the road with a tongue in cheek comment to that affect by ADOT in the caption below. The highway cam photo for the next day shows the the same configuration of stationary objects (rocks, tree stumps) - same positions, same locations, obviously not Bigfeet! So why would such a skilled researcher as Mr. Horn be so excited and talk of putting this on his website as though it were an actual Bigfoot siting? It took my meager research talents less than 60 seconds to figure out this little prank by ADOT. Be careful where you spend your money.

  • scampontherun - Easy for dogs and dog lovers alike

    This thundershirt was easy to put on our 70 lb pointer/lab mix, even when he was already becoming anxious. It arrived just in time for him to wear during the July 4th holiday and the surrounding thunderstorms. Thundershirts will work for some dogs but not so great for others. Ours seemed calmer with his on and didn't mind wearing this garment even though he never wears anything more than a collar and a bandana. Just lay it across the dog's back and velcro the piece that goes under the belly and the one that goes around the lower neck/upper chest. It's heavy so you wouldn't want to leave it on your dog for long periods in summer heat or let your dog become soaking wet.