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The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre | Your Health is our priority - The london urology and kidney stone centre offers general urology and specialist kidney investigations and management. Mr Asif Raza Consultant Urologist.

  • About Mr Raza | The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre - Mr Asif Raza MBChB,FRCS,FRCS(Urol),FEBU Mr Raza graduated from Glasgow University Medical School in 1991. 
He trained as a specialist registrar in Urology 
  • Kidney Stones | The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre - Kidney Stones - causes and diagnosis What causes kidney stones? Kidney stones can form when substances in the urine—such as calcium, oxalate, and
  • Bladder problems | The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre - Flexible Cystoscopy   Bladder problems can cause problems when passing urine as the bladder stores urine prior to its passage. Symptoms can include
  • Penile and erection problems | The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre - Peyronies disease (curvature of the penis) Abnormal penile curvature 30 degree curvature 90 degree curvature    
  • Testicle problems | The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre - Under construction........... Testicular problems: Testicular Lumps: Undescended / Maldescended testes: Hydrocoele: Varicocoele: Testicular
  • Circumcision | The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre - The foreskin can be removed for religious reasons or for problems such as a tight foreskin (phimosis), recurrent urinary tract infections, recurrent foreskin
  • Prostate treatments | The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre - The prostate is an accessory sex gland in the male. It produces secretions which form part of the seminal fluid which carries sperm. In most men the prostate
  • Testicle treatments | The London Urology and Kidney Stone Centre - Hypogonadism ( low testosterone level) Low testosterone levels which are confirmed and which are causing symptoms can be treated with testosterone

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  • Amazon Customer - Seems to be working fine

    Who knows how effective it may really be but I poured a little in my crankcase and the rest into a full tank of gas a few days after my engine shut down right after starting one morning. I figure it had to be dirty injectors since my Honda has 225k miles on it and I had not treated the gas or oil in quite some time. Car is running great and I plan on using the second bottle at my next oil change.

  • Laurie R. Hicks - Four Stars

    Excellent shampoo for my "hyper sensitive" puppy's skin. This soothes irritation and relieves her itch.

  • Inlet Sound - The best I have found in 30 years of washing a car!

    I started using zip wax car wash in high school in the mid 80's. I purchased it back then as it was the biggest bottle of car wash I could find on a high school budget.

  • Mz. Mystery Shopper - BEST & Easiest WiFi Extender

    We were in need of a Wifi Extender for one of our vacation rentals and we were just unsure of which product to purchase as there were several available on the market. We ended up choosing the JCG AC600 do to its scalability up to 5g.

  • Johnny - Perfect

    I wear a size 9 and I bought a 43 regular. It fit perfectly. It is remarkably comfortable And cool even after longer rides. Would recommend and would buy again if my current pair gives out.

  • ohsnapiam56 - Good phone but you can't use external memory for apps.

    This is my first smartphone...didn't want to pay a ton and wanted no contract. This phone works call sound is a little fuzzy but overall, ok. BUT BE WARNED...even though you can use an external SD card YOU CANNOT move any apps you download over to it. You need to 'root' (jailbreak) it first. You CAN move music over but that's it. Definitely not the pre-installed only disappointment.

  • Richard W. Reid - Blood Pressure monitor IHealth

    Received the IHealth Monitor and use with my IPhone. The unit works great however I don't know how accurate the readings are compared to what the results from my doctor are. The graphs are neat and it keeps track of the date and time of your readings. I think it's a must have for anyone who has to monitor there blood pressure.