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Acting & Media School | Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE) - ICE an initiative of Balaji Telefilms offers quality education for Media & Entertainment industry related courses like Acting, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Production, Scriptwriting, Sound and Vfx.

  • Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE) Campus Tour - Campus Tour - Institute of Creative Excellence, an Education arm of Balaji Telefilms provides world class quality education to the aspirants for entire Media and Entertainment Industry.
  • Best School of Film & Acting in Mumbai - The ICE Institute - The ICE Institute is the only leading school in India that offers all major specializations like Acting, Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Production, Scriptwriting, Animation and VFX, dance, ad film making and modeling. Jump start your career now!
  • The ICE Board of Directors - Jeetendra Kapoor & Ekta Kapoor | ICE Academic Council - The ICE Academic Council board of directors include Veteran Actor Jeetendra Kapoor & his daughter Ekta Kapoor. The ICE Academic Council is established to get stalwarts and industry veterans of various disciplines to help further enhance the course at ICE.
  • Intense Advanced Acting Program | Acting Course in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore - ICE - Our Advanced Acting Course available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Indore offers talented budding actors the basics of acting, as well as, an intense training in modern acting required in films, TV and theatre.
  • Best Acting School in India - Acting Classes in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore - The ICE Institute – one of the leading acting institute in India offers acting classes in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, Lucknow for the aspiring Film, TV and theater actors.
  • Film Direction Courses - ICE Direction Course Curriculum, Opportunities - ICE offers a complete course in film direction. Know more on how instructors at ICE help students to start their careers as directors, assistant directors in film, television, theatre, publishing houses and advertising agencies. It trains you concepts of imagination & Visualization, Creating a world with Visual & Sound Story Boarding & Ground Plan, Working with Actors, Production Design
  • Cinematography Courses - Top School for Cinematography and Film Production - Learn the Cinematography of film at the ICE Institute. We trained students in various aspects of cinematography, right from handling the camera to lighting, camera angles and shot types with the help of latest equipments. This course is largely practical including series of exercises, workshops, project work and more.
  • Film Editing Courses - Professional Film Editing Classes by ICE - ICE offers Film editing course in full time & part time mode. It consists of all the skills and nuances required to do a good editing job. Know how each student at ICE can learn film/serial editing techniques for launching their careers as professional editors. It trains you on FCP and Avid operation, Off line editing in multi-camera set-ups
  • Professional Courses in Film Production - Film Production Course | ICE - ICE is one of the top ranked institute offering courses in film production in India. It trains you on the essentials of production which includes script breakdown, Scheduling, budgeting, crewing, casting, contracts and negotiations, Basics of film & Television production & other industry practices.
  • Sound Recording Course - How to Record Sound | ICE - The ICE Sound Recording course teaches students on how to record the sounds on-set with the help of latest equipment. It trains you on Basics of sound – Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Basic recording chain Microphones, Mixers. Signal processors. Loudspeakers, Basics of digital audio etc
  • Film Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) Courses - VFX Animation Classes in Mumbai - The ICE Institute is a leading institute of Creative excellence offers career orientated animation and VFX courses. ICE VFX Course takes students through the basics to the advanced training in live action VFX required for films and TV.
  • Scriptwriting Courses | Leading Scriptwriting Classes & Workshop in Mumbai - The best scriptwriting courses and scriptwriting classes in Mumbai. The ICE scriptwriting course is conducted by professionals and includes largely practical exercises, workshops and thinking techniques like creating well-rounded characters, writing dialogues. Writing good opening scenes and effective climaxes, designing a scene, making a script book etc.
  • Modeling Courses - Advanced Modeling Classes in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore - At our modeling courses in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Indore we focus on teaching intricate details which cover ramp modeling, hair, make-up, grooming, etiquettes, and more.
  • Part Time Photography Courses in Mumbai - Digital Photography | ICE - The ICE institute offer part time photography courses in Mumbai & various regions across India. Get complete info on our digital photography course including our faculty, course structure, opportunities & more.
  • Digital Sound Recording Courses - ICE Digital Sound Course - ICE's digital sound recording course has in-depth coverage of using digital platforms to record, manipulate, transfer and print audio. Learn more on course faculty, curriculum & opportunities, etc.
  • Personality Development Course/Training Program | ICE Institute - Personality Development Course by ICE. Build your confidence, communication skills, etiquettes and overall personality with ICE. Know more about our intensive program now!

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  • tkincaid - Easy to use

    I've been using FTM since 1995 and each upgrade has been easier and easier to use. Very happy with this product

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  • Krystal - Dynamic characters with a well developed story line

    I really enjoyed the dynamic characters and well developed story line. Jane's character is strong without beating you over the head with it. One of the few new scifi authors that has done some fact checking before jumping into a space themed novel. I'm not one for love stories or romances, but the clashing characters made for a great dynamic between them. After all, being cooped up in confined quarters for that long, something is bound to happen. It was a few pages and tastefully written. The cliffhanger at the end really gets you going, looking forward to a possible sequel.

  • Amazon Customer - Product works but may be difficult to configure

    This has boosted our signal to the back of the house, but it took much longer than 3 minutes for a man with two post graduate degrees to set up. He wound up having a long conversation with a nice man in India, but at least it's working now. I deducted one star for the difficult set up process.