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  • S. Attaway - Soft, yet limp hair

    Product has a great smell, it does leave hair softer, however, it really does weigh my hair down. I thought I sprayed too much the first use, but only 3-4 sprays total to touch each side has a tendency to make my hair limp. I have normal hair. I use this product when I wear my hair up because I think there are benefits, however, if I use it when I leave my hair down, it looks flat and limp.

  • Kim England - So far is working really well for making sirloin burgers

    This item arrived fast and was well packaged. I bought this to make sirloin burgers with, I don't like prepackaged burger meat. So far this grinder has been great for grinding flank steak and tbones into some of the best burger meat ever. It is easy to assemble and stays attached to the counter by a suction cup. My only bad about this machine is that the suction cup can come off at times and the parts seem a little cheap, but so far they have held together just fine so i cant complain. The machine is super easy to assemble and has two different blade attachements. The overall machine is made out of a thick plastic.

  • Jaye D. Owen - Emuaid - Awesome & quick acting!!

    I purchased this for "boils" I got in my armpit's etc. My doctors had perscribed anti-biotics and washing with Betadine. None of this helped. Within 3 days of using Emuaid, the boils have healed and not recurring. I've been using for 1 week - no boils and the discoloration of the area is subsiding as well as the scarring.

  • Lisa - Absolutely great

    I really enjoyed using this acne treatment. This product cleared up my severe acne and help lighten my dark spots as well. I am really happy I made this purchase. I recommend this treatment for anyone who is suffering from acne in general. This product helps all skin colors and skin types. I really hope that you found this review helpful.

  • Ryan - Keeps wine fresh a few days longer

    I am a big fan of this wine saver pump. While it does not extend the life of a bottle of wine for a long period of time, it is nice to have an extra few days before beginning to notice a difference in taste. The mechanism is easy to manage, with a very discernible "click" when you no longer need to pump. For a half-filled bottle, I tend to need about 10 pumps. If you find it difficult or painful to work with your hands, fear not, as this pump's mechanism is very smooth.

  • JaKay - I've been using Booty Magic cream, for about 2 ...

    I've been using Booty Magic cream, for about 2 months. It has a very pleasant smell and it's absorbent. When I look into the mirror, I see a difference in my butt. The dimples are not as noticeable and my butt looks a little fuller, but as with all herbal products, changes won't happen over night. You have to be persistent and believe. I will continue my journey and keep using Booty Magic cream. I also will try the Booty Magic pills to see how it will work in conjunction with the Booty Magic cream. The results should be faster combining those two.