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  • Scot Williams - Not good

    This item was purchased 36 days ago and the Bp cuff hose connection is already leaking air and will not inflate properly. I called the company to ask for a replacement and they stated I would have to purchase a new one because that part of the product was not covered. It's sad that a company can't back up what they sell. On the other hand the 36 days I did use it everyday for work and loved it. Just wish product wasn't made so cheap. It does say made in china on the box.

  • Meggie - Awesome book

    I got this book for my kindle and I really like it! It is fun to read to. I would highly recommend this book!!! After I read it I said to myself gees I wishit was longer it had twists and turns and it was really funny! I love the ending because its different! GET THIS BOOK!!!

  • Gottschis - We staring at the stars at night with our children

    We love staring at the stars every night. This is such a great way to get your kids learning about our universe.

  • Fantastic! - Fantastic!

    I like all the songs. But especially "Unfinished sympathy", Shara Nelson is amazing! Also the video to the song is so incredibly impressing.

  • Firethorn - Oil works fine. I can't say whether it has better cold ...

    Oil works fine. I can't say whether it has better cold weather performance yet, which is why I went with synthetic in Alaska. 1 star deducted because one of the caps came loose(but still on) in the mail and spilled a small amount of oil into the box. While it might be annoying, a sealed cap might be a good idea for products that are mailed.

  • Sancelmo - Starve yourself and lose weight? DUH?!!

    Worst program EVER! I could have done better than this system by using Slimfast and Exlax. If a diet wants you to starve yourself in order to loss weight, there's your red flag! Nothing more than your usual, Stop eating to lose weight system here. And God forbid if you actually try to order from the company's website. Unless you like your Credit card number to Nigeria. The choice and risk is all yours!