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  • Brooke - The best thing I ever bought.

    The best thing I ever bought. Our pool area consists of approx. 1400 sq ft of tarvertine stone. After about 5 months of Florida rain and humidity my wife and I started to notice mold. At that point we started to think we made a big mistake going with stone. I absolutely hate to power wash especially such a large area so I gave wet and forget a try. I was hesitant at first to spray it on 10k worth of stone but I'm glad I did. I sprayed the area with a backpack sprayer (took me about 1hr) in February of 2014 and for about 12 months the stone has been mold free. Let me repeat "mold free". After I spayed the stone the mold was virtually gone after about 2-3 days. I think the key thing is to spray in colder months and later in the day right before it gets dark to allow the stone to soak it up. I also sprayed when there was no rain in the forecast for a few days. This allowed the stone to soak it up. We just started to notice a little mold now in March 2015 so I will apply it again. Sure beats power washing and its so easy to do. I told my pool builder about this product and he has been telling everyone about it. Highly recommended. I have a power washer for sale if anyone is interested.. :-)

  • Maverick - Sorry I bought it.

    Maybe I am not using it correctly, but the bruises do not disappear. In fact they left brown marks that won't go away.

  • Dennis A Dussault - Good but Tricky

    I bought this product because I needed a note database that would actually put data on my phone and keep it updated by syncing with my computers. Products like Evernote require access to the Internet to work, so when you travel to a different country you don't have any notes available. OneNote actually puts the data on your phone so it is available whether you have an Internet connection or not. However, the documentation for this product sucks. I created notes and copied notes and ended up with multiple copies of notebooks that would not sync with my phone. (an HTC Titan II running the Windows Phone 7.5 OS) After a lot of frustrations and some free help from tech support, I finally got it working enough to be useful. It should be noted that it is designed to be used with Sky Drive and to be fully useful you need Windows 7 (maybe Vista) to use. But if you have XP, it will work but you have to connect to Sky Drive manually. Also note: I got to to work fine, but it never worked with "Notes" on my phone. Instead it is working as a "Document". Very pricey ($60 vs Free), a bugger to get working, but in the end it is doing the job I need it to do.

  • David Lloyd - gvalidate curse

    I had the versacheck 2002 and used it for years. When it failed, I bought this cursed program. So far I have created a bunch of void checks. Versa does not sell ink for my printer. The program insists on having my bank account validated through gvalidate. I don't want to share with them my bank account. For years, I used their 2002 program without issue. I have tried to contact versacheck, but they won't answer. Gvalidate more or less told me they won't do anything to help me. I want to return this terrible program. It is a waste. DO NOT BUY IT.

  • Golly Gee - Semi-informative, completely compelling

    While the first 56 pages offered great detail on the symbiotic relationship between the outlook for wooden toilet seats and the price of rice in China, I was disappointed to find the authors completely neglected to take this cogent argument to the next obvious iteration: pandas. Yes, not one mention of the overarching impact of the Great Panda's increased presence in Chins and the availability:demand ratios in the regions adjacent to the Panda Preserves. Of course, if this area isn't in your investment portfolio, this book is 100% on target.

  • sergio - This is great! I mean sure it did not really come ...

    This is great! I mean sure it did not really come with any how to install guides, but I just found that on YouTube, took me about 2 minutes max, works really well. Recommend this to anyone

  • John M. Duster - Great treadmill

    I use to own a diffrent brand treadmill. The Sole F 80 is the best treadmill that i have used to date. It took about 2 hours to put it together, it wasn't very hard to do.It is of solid construction and runs real smooth. My whole family uses it. My daughters are into the Ipod craze and like the Ipod plugin feature. The Sole F 80, from Amazon, is a great buy and well worth their price.