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UCLA Student Groups Web Service - Get involved at UCLA. We provide a search engine to find organizations at UCLA that suits your interest. For group owners, we provide you with help in creating an online presence for your group.

  • About Student Groups Web Service - From this site, you will be able to search for student groups to join OR find information on how to obtain a web site for your registered student organization.

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  • LEGOC - Good idea just not executed well

    It does have Butter Beer and Pumpkin Juice (which is very complicated). Much easier recipes to be found. Good idea just not executed well.

  • Imrihil - Sorry I Upgraded

    I had been using Family Tree Maker 2006 and was very happy. This one changes the entire interface. I'm willing to learn a new interface if it's a better interface, but in this case, it's not. Too much control is taken away from me and given to, which seems to assume that all of the shoddy genealogy work posted on their site is trustworthy. If I could go back to 2006, I would. If you try it, I would suggest copying all of your old files first. That way, if you upgrade them and want to go back, you'll still have them in the older format.

  • Lindzy - Finally able to lose weight

    I'm 50 and gained 15 pounds in the past two years. I was barely able to maintain the new weight and no matter what I tried, exercise, diets, nothing worked. I've been on Amberen almost 90 days and have lost 12 pounds. I also went on a low-glycemic diet, which I thought I could never do, but it's working! As far as exercise, I gave up cardio and am only doing strength training, yoga, and Pilates - each once a week, a total of 3 hours of exercise per week. I have not given up any of my alcohol. So, it's just been easy and rewarding!

  • melanie schiemer - I bought this and followed the directions perfectly. This ...

    I bought this and followed the directions perfectly. This stuff BURNED my gums SO MUCH. I couldn't eve leave it in my mouth long enough to find out if it actually changed the color of my teeth. Maybe professional products should be used by professionals. I learned my lesson. Save yourself the pain and DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!