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  • ShoppingSharon - Great for arthritis plus many more benefits

    Arthritis runs in my family badly. I had an aunt die at only the age of 53 from the pain patches the drs overdosed her on because of her arthritis (her siblings even won a million dollar lawsuit). When arthritis struck my body this last year at only 45 years old (psoriatic arthritis, gout, and just regular arthritis), I decided I wasn't going to the drs for their meds but I would take God's cure, which is tumeric. Tumeric is a great anti inflammatory and really has helped ease the pain without the bad side effects of drugs. This brand by Schwartz that I bought almost three weeks ago is amazing! When studying tumeric, I found it not only helps fight arthritis, but it helps fight diabetes, depression, cholesterol, good for vascular thrombosis, has anticancer effects, heals the gut, good for pain management, and can replace steroids without the side effects. Taking it in this capsule form by Schwartz makes it more convenient too in case I can't don't have time to add tumeric powder to my juice or smoothies. Everyone should be taking tumeric everyday. EVERYDAY!

  • jacquestati - Prevents viruses by stopping you from accessing your bank!

    Avoid it! After ten days I have uninstalled it. I was unable to access any financial websites -- my bank, my brokerage, my insurance. And it pops up with absurd regularity to tell me that it has blocked something without telling me what (and no way to discover it) and also no way to get rid of the list of blocks (with nothing but the time and the fact that it blocked something). This is the most useless antivirus software I have ever come across because it simply stops you from doing anything, instead of protecting you from threats. I e mailed Kaspersky and got no more than an acknowledgement of my e mail. I spent hours on a transatlantic phone trying to work with my bank and my brokerage company. Finally I realised that I could access my accounts with the iPad so the only problem was the computer with Kaspersky. Goodbye Kaspersky; welcome back, McAfee.

  • Tracy Morgan - Excellent gift idea

    I ordered the 2016 Birthday Wishes Barbie Doll as a gift for my granddaughter. It is a very nice doll, wearing a long pink printed dress with pink netting over skirt. She also wears a pink satin headband, and has pink painted fingernails. There is also a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity included. It arrived on time and was packaged well, which was important as my granddaughter collects these and keeps them in the box. I would recommend this to anyone interested in this type of doll.

  • cbreview - Biotene PBF not as safe a product as regular Biotene Oral Rinse

    I purchased Biotene PBF at our local pharmacy, and after a few days my gums became irritated. I read more about the product on the company's web site, and discovered that they have changed most of their products to a more neutral pH (6-7) and have removed enzymes. However the PBF product still has several enzymes, and is formulated at a low pH (5-5.5). After reading more about dental products, I discovered that the low pH (5-5.5) of this product is not beneficial for tooth health, and can weaken tooth enamel. I suspect that this product will be reformulated soon... in the meantime the Biotene (non-PBF) oral rinse would be a safer alternative with moisturizers, and a pH 6.5 (and no enzymes).