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Sign language dictionary - SPREADTHESIGN - Sign language dictionary that works great as a reference and as a tool for learning. It covers languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and several more.

Country:, Europe, IE

City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • silvergirlsails - nice sturdy case

    I purchased this case for my daughter, who was using an Otterbox Defender and didn't like how bulky it was. The bottom portion of that case was also starting to get loose--was just not well constructed across the bottom. This Speck case on the other hand, is sleek and sturdy. She likes the blue rim around the white phone, and although the case is less grippy than the Otterbox, it has more grip to it than many other thin cases.

  • J. Kawakami - Oil drips. Water faucet cartridge restoration.

    I've used this in my oil, and it worked pretty well. It took two applications, and maybe 1/3 of a bottle each time. The first time, the leak slowed. Then I did an oil change and added more a while after that. The dripping seems to have slowed a bit more.

  • JonGP3 - Good Product works great...

    This product so far has done everything it described. I was first turned onto this product when it was advertised at a Honda Dealership when purchasing a car for my fiance. They had us spray paint a brand new car in the showroom and we went for a test drive, after we were asked to remove the spray paint with just a towel and some compound, it came off fairly easily. Being a skeptic I was sure that the paint they used was not real. They proceeded to give me the whole story about what it does and that it would be $30 per month added to the payment, but that included lifetime dent repair and reapplication of the product. Having already googled it on my phone during his speech I said no thank you and placed an order online for $80 shipped.

  • Wifeybo - You'll love it!

    I wish I'd bought this sooner - it works so much better than I expected. The treatment from this unit is comparable to the professional treatments I've paid hundreds of dollars for. It is super convenient to be able to use it right when I see a hair coming in and It works fast! I have only had it for about three weeks and I already have a significant reduction in hair growth - like 70% less hairs. My super sensitive skin is not bothered at all by the treatments and if fact seems clearer. I hardly even get red from it and It is not painful at all. I love this system. I would buy it again happily.

  • Sarah - Kaplan Logic = Bad Logic

    I did not like this at all! After I got this and tried following the strategies in this I started getting more questions wrong since I was using "Kaplan logic" to think my way through. I stopped using this book and went back to my old way of studying and answering questions and I did much better. I passed the NCLEX first try in 75 questions without the help of Kaplan. I definitely could not recommend this book to anyone studying for the NCLEX.

  • JayeJ. - Controls cravings

    I mainly use this to control what seems to be an unquenchable appetite. Admittedly my relationship with food is not the most healthy~ I'm the definition of an emotional eater (stress, boredom, happiness, any excuse). However, I am not overweight by any means and I had a fairly active lifestyle. I eat healthy but in large portions and would get hungry again right afterwards. Now that I sit at a desk for 12 hrs/day, but my appetite remained the same, I started noticing myself putting on a few extra lbs. When I used it as directed (at full strength of 3 before each meal), it really helped me to feel full more quickly and during the time between meals, I was less inclined to have cravings. Before I realized it, I was naturally eating smaller portions. Also, I HAD ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. In the category of diet pills, that is a HUGE plus! When I took hydroxycut I would feel nauseous and thought my heart would pound out of my chest. So, how much weight did I lose from Garcinia Cambogia? 5 lbs this past month! I'm pretty happy with that. Slow and steady and permanent (as opposed to water weight). I believe I could have lost more but I was very inconsistent with the pills in the beginning and because I have a very erratic eating schedule, but no matter due to Nature Wise's complementary bottle!

  • Regina - Sight Word Sentences

    I liked the story selections.The pictures were very motivating. Young children want to read and reread the stories over and over.