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SML Technologies - SML Technologies is a telecom networks engineering company that provide unified OSS Solution and Engineering services. Our OSS solution is SERVO which capable of handling all Network Element Technology and Vendor agnostic, which enable telecom operator to manage their networks in terms of Performance, Configuration, Fault and Service Quality Management. Our product is standardized based on e-TOM / ITU-T Rec. M3050.

  • SML Technologies | Products - One of the biggest challenges for telecommunication carriers is to make the service take-up effortless and the service experience enjoyable. The factors affecting the end user experience are diverse and can relate to brand, cost and billing, customer service, network and service quality (performance, integrity, retain-ability, availability, interoperability), service discovery and usability and, service and device portfolio. Meeting these challenges and capturing the market growth requires focusing on delivering end-to-end Quality of Experience (QoE) – extending the optimization efforts from the network layer to the service layers including application servers, devices, provisioning, security, content and usability.
  • SML Technologies | SERVO - Unified OSS Platform - SERVO – A unified OSS platform which provides an integrated view from a C – Level perspective into Engineering needs. Servo is a network statistics-based performance measurement tool designed specifically for telecommunication carriers that combines Advanced Network Monitoring and Performance Management, Fault Tracking and Analysis, Routing and Traffic Analysis, Network element configuration data, and Trouble Ticketing capabilities.
  • SML Technologies | Process Flow - SERVO is a unified OSS platform which provides native support for end-to-end processes through pre-integration of functional modules of Performance Management, Configuration Management, Fault Management, and other modules that provide rich capabilities in business layer.
  • SML Technologies | Success Story - SERVO has managed to carve a trail of success in two major carriers in Indonesia with their unique characteristics and the complexity, TELKOMSEL and INDOSAT. SERVO has been deployed successfully in TELKOMSEL since 2006 and used by Planning, Operations, Quality, and Sales Divisions in supporting their various activities. Until the end of 2011, SML Technologies had managed to deploy the SERVO modules which are Performance Management, Fault Management Module, Configuration Management Module, Routing & Capacity Management Module, and Advanced Network Performance Analysis & Trouble Ticket Module.
  • SML Technologies | Trouble Shooting & Analysis System - The current challenges faced by telecommunication carriers cannot be separated from the market behavior and much influenced by the condition of carrier telecommunication itself, for example: competition and it's converging, tariff wars, multi-vendor and multi technology environment, government rules and engagement, media promotions, geographical issues, etc.
  • SML Technologies | Customized Solutions - Beside of SERVO; the unified OSS; and trouble shooting and system analysis product solutions, SML Technologies also provide customized solutions. We aware of customer needs, especially the telecommunications carriers are very complex and diverse. Sometimes the finish product cannot resolve the existing problems, so it requires customized solutions.
  • SML Technologies | System Integration - Within the wireless evolution, network maintenance and upgrade support is a necessity. Regardless of the size or complexity of the network, SML Technologies will help telecommunication carriers to update, upgrade and integrate the newest version patches to the existing system at peak performance.
  • SML Technologies | Application and Support Tool Development - Today is very common for telecommunication carrier operations are supported by sophisticated and expensive systems. But the fact tells that not all carriers have sufficient budget to purchase the system with comprehensive features. Sometimes the carrier only purchase the main features only, while other support features such as reporting and monitoring are considered as not very important. Though often found without these supporting features the system's performance becomes less than optimal, the time of work becomes less efficient, data processing speed is slow.
  • SML Technologies | Radio Network Planning, Implementation, and Initial Tuning - The telecommunications industry has always had a dynamic shift. The shift is not only related to the evolution of the (radio) access technology, but also to the vision of the development of service provisioning and service demands, customer expectations and customer differentiation.
  • SML Technologies | Field Testing and Services - In order to help telecommunication carriers to achieve the maximum value of Quality, Capacity and Coverage in telecommunication networks, SML Technologies offers RF Field Testing that includes collecting data and data analysis. With skilled and experienced engineers supported by sophisticated tools owned by SML Technologies, collect valid data can be performed and will leads to accountable analysis result.
  • SML Technologies | Regular Network and Service Performance Improvement - SML Technologies as an end-to-end solution company providing service in terms of network and service improvement. The improvement is done not only at the network level but also more on the improvement of Quality of experience. The Quality of experience tends to emphasize performance in what is perceived by the end user. So with this improvement will enhance customer satisfaction and will make customers more loyal to the telecommunication carrier concerned.
  • SML Technologies | Strategic Network Planning and Optimization - Included in this package are the following services: Global Frequency planning and optimization Radio Network Capacity dimensioning Review of Network parameter standardization Network Feature implementation Network Coverage assessment Identification of network hardware problems Review of database settings and fine tuning Database consistency & change control Neighbor list audit Worst Performing cell identification, analysis and improvement
  • SML Technologies | Core, IP, and Cable Networks Engineering - Advancement of data transmission technology currently leads to the IP technology which is causing simplicity, rapid service deployment, cost-effective operations. But to perform maintenance activities needs a special expert's team who understand the characteristics of different devices. We understand this is not easy for telecommunication carriers as their core business is providing services.
  • SML Technologies | Site Maintenance - SML Technologies also provide maintenance services such as: Base station antenna Battery backup units and other power equipment Cables and ancillaries Coverage enhancement devices Indoor components such as splitters, connectors, combiners and so on Microwave transmission equipment Next generation voice network equipment e.g. media gateways, soft switches and VOIP equipment Next generation optical transmission system, DWDM, etc.
  • SML Technologies | First Line Maintenance for Telecom Networks - SML Technologies is a telecom vendor that combines the tool's reliability and the power of human resources (the engineers), this powerful combination produce a comprehensive solution to monitoring, maintenance and at the end the necessary action can be done quickly and precisely. Problem's detections and problem analysis are carried out quickly then the outage on the network elements which impact on service can be reduced.
  • SML Technologies | Partners - SML Technologies partnerships are founded on strategic, technological and channel collaborations - all committed to industry development and mutual profitability. We work closely with partners around the world to improve and deliver our products and professional services solutions. We are constantly recruiting business partners or associates who share our vision of providing cost effective software and professional services solutions for the mobile telecommunications industry.
  • SML Technologies | Corporate Overview - The telecommunication industry continuously undergoes periods of disruptive changes, with the pace and scale never seen before. SML Technologies has a strategy in place to embrace these changes. We are building a new age business based upon our expertise in both IT and telecommunication.
  • SML Technologies | Why SML? - Shining among other networks engineering service companies in Indonesian market, SML Technologies offers its clients a winning formula: Tailor-made solutions at competitive prices delivered by our highly professional team on time, to meet our client's business requirements and ensure their satisfaction.
  • SML Technologies | History - Founded on December 2005Started the OSS Business on 2006, selling first release of SERVO for TELKOMSEL Radio Network
  • SML Technologies | Testimonials - During these period of times SML Technologies has succeeded in getting excellent feedback from satisfied customers.

    Country:, Asia, ID

    City: 106.8294 Jakarta, Indonesia

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