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Sportske nauke i zdravlje | Sports Science and Health - Sportske Nauke I Zdravlje, Međunarodna Konferencija I Naučno-Stručni Časopis - Sports Science And Health, International Conference And Science Journal In Sport And Medical-Rehabilitation Science

Country:, Europe, BA

City: 17.1939 Republic of Srspka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • zoller - Excellent read!!!

    The book delves into SEVERAL subtopics related to oil pulling, and if you're a nerd like me its a great educational tool on oral health as well. It discusses not only general dental health and the history of oil pulling, but also the pathology of physical diseases with respect to its origins in the mouth. The author explains the causal correlation between maintaining dental health and the inconspicuous body related health issues one can experience. The point of reading the book is if you want to educate yourself thoroughly about the all aspects of oil pulling. The book itself is simple and written with much clarity. Will be lending it to all my friends!

  • Barry S. - Worthless gimick

    I stopped short of buying one after reading this professional review and, as suggested by them, dug out my old rabbit ears antenna and achieved the same results as claimed by ClearVIsion, Suggest you do the same - or maybe I should start selling rabbit ears on Amazon? lol

  • Jennifer Heim - All the secrets are here!

    This book is very thorough and a very easy read! There is so much useful information that digs so much deeper into the capabilities of Excel than what is offered in a basic class. The pictures are helpful, but it's better to follow along on your computer, so make sure you can read it and practice at your computer at the same time.

  • Likes service - Great for achieving a healthier feminine pH

    This is specially good for post-menopausal women as the lack ok estrogen can increase feminine pH. Rephresh is a good way to maintain a more acidic feminine pH in between topical dosages of prescription estradiol. Although prescription estradiol does lower feminine pH, the ph level never gets down to the normal low range seen in healthy reproductive women. A more acidic feminine pH is though to be consistent with a healthier profile of microbes, some of which also contribute to a more acidic pH. Using Rephresh augments the effect of using estradiol. pH decrease with Rephresh is temporary and mroe transient if used without prescription estradiol.

  • Tracy L Barker - NO more prednisone for me!

    This truly is like a natural alternative to Prednisone for me! I have battled MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) for a very long time. After diagnosis I was given loads of steroids which just cause so stinkin many side affects but I rebounded so hard that I had no choice to keep going back on them or face organ failures. I found a doctor that helped me to ween off of my steroids 1/4 of a mg every 4th day! Crazy and involved a lot of math and pill cutting, but it worked. I will now avoid them at ALL costs which is hard to do with an auto immune disease. This Black seed oil has me feeling so good, my skin is healing, and my face is so much less swollen that people keep asking me if I am loosing weight! I have forgotten them once two days in a row and no issues, no rebounding, no respiratory distress. It is like all the benefits of steroids without the side affects and instead of aging your organs like steroids - this stuff is healing to them.

  • Ramie steer - Very surprised with the quality for this price!

    We tried this product because our GoPros quit working on us and resetting them and doing all the things customer service told us to do wasn't helping. We then tried a Sony action cam, which worked awesome! However got lost in the bottom of a waterfall... Anyways when I saw how inexpensive this one was, I thought maybe it would be worth a shot!