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  • unknown - Great!!!

    This mouthwash is great, it doesn't burn or anything. I have not been medically diagnosed with dry mouth but, I use it because toothpaste dries out my mouth. It has a minty taste to it and is a bit medicinal in flavor. The medicinal taste does take time to get used to. What I would recommend is that you brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day and use the mouthwash everytime for 2 days to get used to the taste. You know when your used to it when you don't really taste it and its not as potent.

  • Linda J. Liddiard - best for my dog

    I have purchased this shampoo for years for my lab/golden is the best on the market! We live on the lake and she is in the water seems to provide a barrier for several weeks. Her fur stays soft and non-itchy considering she is constantly wet all the time. It has a great smell also. It was vet approved and definitely worth it to be able to buy it in the larger size! only wish the cheaper one was offered with no shipping..that was strange!

  • Steven Crane - $175.24 to cancel membership.

    I had a 1 year long student creative cloud membership that I did not cancel before it auto-renewed for another year. I noticed this within the same month as payment, and cancelled my account. I was hit with a charge of $175.24 for cancelling the account. I tried to explain my situation to Adobe support, but the only solution they could offer me was to create a new Adobe account, purchase another subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud, and then I would receive a refund for $106. I will not be purchasing any more Adobe products, and will not recommend anyone I'm in contact with to do the same.

  • R. Finley - I want more from Shari Lapena!

    I enjoyed this book very much, from the style of the Author's writing to the Plot, the twists, the turns, the guessing, and the end. I was hoping to find more books by Shari Lapena but this is the only one I can find! Please write more!

  • Philip Furr - the 12 year old has had a terrible flea problem for about a year

    We have 2 German Shepherds, 9 and 12 years old. For some reason, the 12 year old has had a terrible flea problem for about a year. I've tried shampoos, sprays and frontline, none of which helped. I bought one Seresto to try without any research or reading any reviews. Contrary to one review I've since read, the directions were very clear and easy to understand. Within 24 hours, the majority of the fleas were gone. The remaining ones were moving slowly and looked affected by the collar. At 36 hours, there were still a few fleas, and I was beginning to doubt the effectiveness of complete clearing. However, by 48 hours, I couldn't find a flea. Of course, we washed the bedding and sprayed the area where they hang out. Vacuuming is also wise. I decided to order a collar for the 9 year old and that's when I read a lot of the reviews. Some with seizures, muscle weakness, etc. My 12 year old has worn the collar continuously for a month now except for about 2 hours when we bathed her a week ago. She has had NO problems what so ever. She has pre-existing muscle weakness in her hind quarters from bone spurs in her spine, but she is still a playful and happy girl. Her coat is thick and beautiful again whereas it was very thin along her back, rump and tail. She seems much more rested and comfortable, peaceful, with no scratching or gnawing. I am a physician , in practice for the last 30 years, and I can tell you, all drugs affect people differently, with varying side effects. NO drug is 100% safe. I would pay a lot more for this product, especially if it really lasts 8 months. Gretchen will be 13 in 3 months and Schatze will be 10. I cannot thank Bayer enough for making the remaining days of our beloved shepherds more comfortable.