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  • Marilynn - It Works

    I went on a diet one and a half years ago. I added Real Dose Weight Loss Formula to my plan and lost a total of 58 lbs. I truly believe this loss would not have happened without WLF no1. I have maintained the loss for 7 months now. In the beginning of maintenance, I was reluctant to stop taking WFG no1, but eventually did and still maintained. I couldn't be happier. Recently I decided to lose the last ten pounds I originally set out to lose, so once again I'm adding WLF no1 to my diet. It worked for me! I know it will help me again.

  • Amazon Customer - "The Divine Dance" Review by Jane St. Pierre

    Richard Rohr expresses that his hope for readers is that his reflections on the Trinity resonate with their life experiences. As far as I am concerned, he has certainly accomplished this task. My heart simply knows that Rohr's message is Truth. He beautifully encompasses all - creation, Old Testament stories, the Incarnation, and the teachings of Christ and the early Church, and the reader's personal experiences as a beautiful dance enjoyed by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Readers are thoroughly convinced that this Divine Threesome beckons everyone to join in the dance. It's simply all about relationship - making yourself vulnerable enough to receive and bestow the love of God in all of life's encounters. I intended to highlight a few key phrases that struck a chord with my soul. In actuality, most of my beloved copy of "The Divine Dance" is highlighter yellow!

  • sendrain - Antioxidant, energy and brain support!

    I have not experienced any side effects from taking this Prime Mind Brain Health Formula by Natrogix. When I take Prime Mind Brain Health Formula I usually skip taking my multivitamin because Natrogix Prime Mind Brain Health Formula has 8,000 I.U. (international units) of vitamin A. Vitamin A is considered a fat soluble vitamin which means it remains in the body and if you have too much of a fat soluble vitamin the condition is called hypervitaminosis and that means that too much vitamins are in the body. I found that 8,000 international units was a high amount and I did not want to take another one of my supplements that may have had vitamin A in it.

  • giggles - Not for us, but great customer service. It really was a risk free experiment

    Ok, so actually I did not like the bed. Had a lot of back and other pain that didn't go away. But I talked with others who used the mattress and loved it, so I think it's probably great for some people and not others.

  • Brandon - Poor reception

    The size of the antenna is great. I was tired of my stock one hitting the concrete ceiling of the parking garage at work. Well I installed this antenna and it does not scrape anymore. Only problem is the reception really sucks. Will go back to the stock one or find a different antenna.

  • R. Levasseur - It's small but it works well.

    This little refrigerator works really well. It travels with us for my husbands medication. Some hotels still don't have rooms with refrigerators.