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  • Z. Tandy - Works, but do a spot check!

    Bought this at Target to eliminate urine smell from the new puppy. He uses one corner of the bedroom, so I doused the area like the instructions say. Smell has gone, but it stained my carpet in the process. Almost like a faint bleach stain, as the area is slightly lighter than the rest. So make sure to do a spot check before you use!

  • lawrence white - But this is the best i have ever purchased

    first time buying pool chems online. But this is the best i have ever purchased, Each tablet is wrapped individually so even if you leave out in the sun no fear opening up the container and getting chlorine gas! Thumbs up on this product

  • Ryan Epps - Better than oakleys, but the pair i recieved is defective on the inner lens finish...

    So I own a $300 pair of cusom Oakleys, and all things considered, I like these V1 glasses way way better. The fit, the weight, flexibility, the look etc...

  • Trish - Good...but not great !

    I purchased this product for its plaque removal promise...without brushing ! It works but the dog's teeth also need to be brushed. I've been brushing my dogs teeth daily since she was 9 weeks old and giving her teeth cleaning chews daily...She's now over 5 years old. Her teeth are clean and her breath is always fresh but I thought I may have found a product that would be quicker and easier to use...Not so. However this product does work more efficiently than doggie toothpastes and is less messy. Also, although my dog has never had nasty smelly breath, I think that Tropiclean leaves her breath even sweeter. I will continue to use Tropiclean until find a product that does not require brushing, although I doubt such a product exists !

  • LauraM731 - Great!

    We LOVE the Movers and have missed them since Disney dropped their tv show. This is one more great song we can add to our Mover collection and can't wait to hear more!.

  • Felipe Rueda - Perfect fit - great look!

    Perfect fit! Very good complement for a high end vehicle. No issues with grip at all, feel exactly the same as the original rubber pedal covers, but look way better!

  • David A. - Great small stroller.

    I got this stroller because I wanted something fairly lightweight and compact, yet able to maneuver easily and handle some rougher terrain (really bumpy sidewalks, for example which are impossible with an umbrella stroller). This is a great, simple, functional stroller. My only complaint is that I wish the handle was an inch or two taller. More color choices would be nice as well.