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Shroton - Iwerne Courtney | Dorset Village | Blackmore Vale - Shroton / Iwerne Courtney village website - information for residents and visitors of Shroton, a rural Dorset village in England.

Country:, North America, US

City: -97.822 , United States

  • D. Joe - Good Value...

    I bought this because initially I was looking at a sunrise clock to wake up my daughter. The Phillips one that comes up at $130+ seemed a bit pricey. I decided to take a chance on this as it was 75% less. There are some pros and cons...

  • Alfie - Great Software when it worked

    Purchased this program and installed about a week ago. It is supposed to be a one (1) year subscription. Well, I received an e-mail today indicating my subscription has expired. A lot of money to pay for one (1) week of support. Trying to get help from WEBROOT but just running in circles.

  • connie billingsley - It's great

    I heard about this product from a lady who lives in Germany. She told me it removes lime scale build up on shower doors, and other things. I tried it, and love it. I'm ordering another for my daughter. And, the lady who is going back to Germany is ordering 3 to take back with her. Definitely worth a try

  • Mark P. Dorgan - Works better than I could have imagined.

    This product works amazingly well! It has usurped ibuprofen as my go to pain relief. I'm the type of person who only believes in the value of a thing when I experience it for myself. After 16 days with this supplement I can honestly say it works better than I could have ever dreamed. I work a physically demanding job and frequently return home with aches, pains, and strains. This often keeps me from relaxing and getting much sleep. This Turmeric supplement has allowed me to enjoy restful, pain-free sleep.