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  • Dale in Tennessee - Great Reference Book

    As I've mentioned in reviews of other works by Walkenback, his work is outstanding. This is indeed a reference book. If you sit down and read this at one setting, cover to cover, you may need medical attention.


    Buyers beware, I bought this present for my mom on mothers day. The product was nicely package and seems like everything was in mint condition. After assembling the device, I tried it for myself to make sure it was not going to be too much stress on her back. It worked for two minutes before it decided not to turn on again. I tried everything and finally I called the manufacture, they told me they couldn't help me because I purchased this of a third party vendor?! As far as the effectiveness of this product, I can not say because it was broke after TWO MINUTES! If you have back pain don't bother with this product, cause you'll probably just end up injuring your self trying to get it to work. Hope this helps, good luck.

  • chevygurl11 - So far it seems to be helping

    Was kind of hesitant on purchasing this shampoo because of the price and some of the negative reviews, but decided to give it a try anyways after my hair began shedding a lot again. I've been dealing with a lot of on and off hair shedding and some visible thinning at my hairline after stopping my birth control pill over a year ago. Both my thyroid and hormone levels came back normal when my doctor checked them so I'm almost positive that coming off the pill after years of being on it is the cause of my hairloss. So far I've been using it for about a week and it does seem that the shedding has slowed down a lot. Along with using this product, I've been taking a combination of a organic women's multi-vitamin and 1000mcg of biotin daily so I can't really say if one particular thing is helping or it's the combination. The smell isn't as bad as some people stated, it's definitely more of a natural smell than the usual perfumy products sold in stores. It does leave my hair feeling clean and soft afterwards. I'm definitely going to continue to use both the shampoo and conditioner in hopes that the shedding will completely subside and my hair will finally start to recover. If it does end up helping significantly I'll update and give it 5 stars instead of 4.

  • Jonathan Hindley - Really well built - heavry duty and excellent in every way (In a different league than the Rugged Ridge Equivalent)

    I originally ordered the Rugged Ridge version of these guards and when I opened the package, I could not reconcile what I saw with the high rating that product got. They look like solid steel pipe, but in reality are just a pressed sheet made to look 3D. I sent those back after confirm they looked terrible on my Jeep, and looked for another option – very wary of making the same mistake.