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  • Wolfpack - Sole F80 is is awsome!

    Amazon delivered this via Ceva and they were very polite, driver was also nice he wheeled it into our garage. Very satisfied with the machine. Very quiet and smooth operation, couldn't really imagine one being much better for 1000's more. Yes you have to put it together but it was easy. Hardest part was getting it from the garage to the room inside the house. All in all a good buy.

  • G'Wood - It's the Law

    Gives me what I need to support basic legal needs (agreements, contracts, lease, loans, etc.) You need to know some legal ins and outs to make sure what you do is within the acceptable laws of your state.

  • Chuck Weller - Do it by hand. It is easier in the end and cheaper. Or get a pro to help.

    The pitfalls are many. It is not intuitive. You must know something about taxes, nay you must know a lot about taxes to use this successfully.

  • Lisa - Not much suspense - Spoiler alert

    I thought I was reading a psychological thriller. Turned out to be a predictable love gone wrong story. I wouldn't recommend this book to anybody. The plot was thin and the storyline was bland. The lead character, Evelyn, has no moral compass and decides to get even with the woman her husband had an affair with by seducing the other woman's husband. Never mind the fact that Evelyn's husband is a psychiatrist who has preyed on his patient (the other woman) and betrayed her trust. Even more disgusting is the introduction of a hit and run into the story that kills a 16 year old girl on a dark road late at night. The author goes out of her way to portray the victim as a runaway who was wearing dark clothes and on a cocktail of drugs when she was killed... as if that makes the person who ran her down and left her to die less culpable. Later he admits his guilt to Evelyn, gets a slap on the wrist, and pays her off not to share all the gory details so they can both move on with their lives. Not much redemption in any of the characters. If you're looking for a good read with a well-developed plot line and relatable characters this is not it. Don't waste your time!

  • Amazon Customer - Great for kids with food allergies!

    As a mom of two children with food allergies (milk protein being one of them), I can't say enough about this cheese. If you have ever eaten dairy cheese you may not be as impressed. But for two little kids who want to be able to eat pizza, tacos, mac & cheese, grilled cheese...this has been a great product. My kids love it, and eat it straight out of the bag. Again, they have never had dairy cheese, so to them this is cheese and they love it! It does go bad very quickly, so be sure that you will use it in 7-10 days after opening.

  • Omar850 - I want one so bad, but there is no market for a middle ...

    I want one so bad, but there is no market for a middle age Asian male in the escort industry, and the there is waiting list to sell your soul for this product.