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  • Dave - Excellent mount at a great price.

    If you're looking to mount your TV directly on the wall, you really can't go wrong with this package! It doesn't swivel or pull out from the wall or anything like that - it's just your standard "hangs on the wall" kind of mount (there's a small degree of tilt that you can control, but keep in mind it's very small - this is a "looking straight at it" TV mount). The whole thing arrives in a tiny little box- you just put the rack part together, attach the brackets to the TV, and you're setup and ready to go. And they include an HDMI cable too! (You can never have too many HDMI cables). If you install this into wall studs (as you always should), this was VERY stable, the TV didn't wobble or appear unstable in any way. I'm very happy with this mount, and it definitely added a nice touch to my TV setup instead of just having it rest on the stand on top of the media cabinet. This is really a great mount, and it's a ton cheaper than getting on in the stores! I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Dwayne - Great looking addition.

    Took 10 minutes to replace. The stock required a little bit of tongue biting but it came out without too much drama. Going back in was easy. It sits flush and tight. Only had it on for over a week now but if it changes I will update the review.

  • D. A. - Literally? No more fleas. Zero.

    I saved my two kittens, and they were so infested with fleas and even had tapeworms! I was actually a little paranoid because I kept thinking a tapeworm was going to enter my system by ingesting a flea somehow. But Prolab's Tapeworm Tabs worked wonders.

  • Amazon Customer - Looked for weeks this one is great.

    Works great, Great price and easy to set up. Pool is cleaner then it has been in years and the water floe is strong.

  • cmae - Love my coffee now

    Usually I don't write reviews or give 5 stars,but i have to this time,i thought this was gonna be just another coffee grinder,but when i used it for the first time to grind the coffee beans for espresso i got impressed how fine the coffee came out,and i was able to make myself a nice and strong coffee,i definitely recommend this one,not too expensive and it does it's job...

  • Lucius Verus - Money Well Spent

    It's light. It has awesome ventilation. It fits me perfectly (56 cm head, size M, plenty of room to spare for a bandana or hat underneath). It looks AWESOME. The straps are gray which is nice because white straps start to look grimy after a couple good rides. The white/silver color is much more silver/higher contrast in real life as opposed to the picture, which I liked. Includes a set of replacement interior pads and a Giro sticker. Did I mention it's light? 100 grams lighter than most of the other helmets I have ridden didn't seem like much on paper, but I can definitely tell the difference, especially riding in the drops. 1/4 lb less that your neck has to hold up really adds up if you tack on the mileage. If you ride more than 100 miles a week or just have money to burn, this helmet is definitely worth it. In my experience as a cyclist and ski/snowboard instructor, you can't go wrong with anything from Giro's helmet line.

  • Aaron - It would be better if they just included the update much like 2015 ...

    The compatibility with the camera of this is just horrendous. It would be better if they just included the update much like 2015 to be able to use your smartphone in place of the Move controller. No matter how much light there is in the room and however clearly I AM visible, this is the only game it refuses to work with in the series. If you can make this work or have a Move controller or something else that works for you, congrats. Otherwise, a great exercise series entry ruined by terrible tracking with it's intended peripheral.