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  • David Lindsay - Worth Watching

    Very enjoyable series. The acting was brilliant, especially from Billy Bob. This is a great court room drama. It reminded me of a Paul Newman film from 1982 called The Verdict directed by Sidney Lumet. Newman played a down-on-his-luck alcoholic lawyer who takes on a major law firm. Thornton plays a similar role but there is more humor in Goliath. Thornton takes on the world's third-largest law firm.

  • Valerie Sanchez - Very impressed

    Very impressed so far with this product. Sturdy construction and the optical lenses are impressive. I would recommend this headset to anyone. Also, also i found the QR code on the Google.

  • January - Great Game for Family Gatherings

    This is a fun game to play at family gatherings. It fun to watch the seniors play against the kids.

  • CityGirl - Looks great!

    Got it a day earlier than expected, took no time to install, looks terrific, and was $10 cheaper from Amazon than anywhere else. No more RC rat tail! Will update after I run the sound system through its paces. From the other Reviewer, there should be no differences.

  • Erica J. Price - Fire engine red, Raggedy Ann red

    I did not buy this on Amazon, I should note. I like the Clairol products and have been happy with the lightest golden brown. I do miss the medium golden blonde. I tried this as something different and fun, but ended up buying dye remover that evening to wash it out. The color is Raggedy Ann red and not in the least bit natural. The result didn't even resemble the woman on the box. Would not purchase again!

  • Lisa - Great light in my enerance way!

    Our Front walkway is always so dark and dreary looking as we forget to turn on the outside lights before we leave home. Well that has all changed now that I ordered Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights. There are 6 solar lights in the box. You have to place the stainless post into the lamps before you can place them in your yard. The unit has a rechargeable battery in it that is charged by the sun and the box states that they do not need to be replaced. I love that all you do is assemble and place, as there are no wires or cords to deal with. This way I also do not have to worry about cutting the cords when doing yard work. The 6 lights together give off as much light as my one at the front door and 3 over the garage. No more fumbling to get in the house in the dark or not know what we are tripping over. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the Solar Garden light. Not only do they light up my house but also they offer me security. I would recommend the Garden Solar Lights.