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  • Arthas Menethil - Kutting the Krud!

    This worked really well in getting out some stains. I was going to go cheeky as I usually do and write lyrics to a song that the name of this product reminds me of but, well...Krud Kutter. That's just one K-word away from going somewhere really, really bad so I'll leave this review as such:

  • AR Lee - Incredibly delicious

    I thought this was incredible - it tasted pretty much like my perfect jerky, with a lot of beefy flavor and simple seasoning. It felt a little oversalty though - not enough to bother me, but enough to notice. Even with that, I thought it was super delicious. It’s got a nice chew, and definitely less chewy and stringy than traditional jerky (but not nearly as tender as some steak jerky’s I’ve had, like the ones by chefs cut). It comes in pretty small pieces, which is great for snacking, though it makes for less of an eating ‘experience’ than biting off chunks from big pieces - not necessarily a downside, just a note. I had a hard time keeping myself from eating more and more of the biltong; it would have been easy to finish the entire 2 oz pouch in one sitting. I meant to take pictures but, well, I put it off at first to try it, and then later there just wasn’t anymore left….

  • chinagirl - Huge Letdown

    I am a big fan of Mark Edward's work and have enjoyed many of his books but this one was sort of a mess.

  • K. Ahmed - Good for tracking, but still has some design flaws.

    Disclosure: I am a physician and received this unit for free but am not affiliated with this or any other medical equipments company. I am not diabetic and these readings are for the most part random after breakfast tested on myself with an actual blood sugar level of 6.6.

  • ron mangas jr - why so slow..

    I probably have something wrong ( I MUST be). but I have been using Pub. for years and years, several versions over the years. I have a monthly task of creating a 1 page ad with high-res images, and my first attempts with the 2013 are simply WAY too slow. Even if I compress the images, it takes upwards of 5 + minutes just to re-position an image with stuttering delays, and very slow loading/formatting. - I have been repeating this same monthly task for 3+ years using two different versions of Pub. Never having this issue..