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Responsible Fundraising A Healthy fundraising option for non-profits, sports teams and companies. - Increase your non profit revenue by participating in a healthy first aid kit fundraiser. We offer socially responsible fundraising options.

  • First Aid Kits - Our compact First Aid Mini Packs and our All Purpose Soft Side First Aid Kit contain all the basics for first aid care. Kits typically include an assortment of bandages, antiseptic wipes, ointments, gauze pads, first aid tape, some ibuprofen and a first aid guide.
  • Sling Bag Promotion - If you want to up your revenue but do not have money to get started, our buy now pay later option allows you to get started at no up front cost
  • The Smart Choice - The smart choice is a fundraising chart that compares our fundraiser to traditional fundraisers. This allows schools, 501c3, boy scouts of america, girl scouts, and non profit organizations to make the smart choice about their fundraising.
  • Learn Life Skills - Life skills was created for the youth. Nonprofit youth groups can use this book to help learn life skills.
  • Fire Extinguishers - Fire Dog the fire fighting foam is the perfect solution for a convenient, environmentally friendly, portable, and potent fire fighting solution; plus you can support your local fundraiser by purchasing a product every household should have.
  • First Aid Kits - Prepackaged - Pre-packaged fundraising kits are designed ideally for your groups fundraiser. They contain a variety of our first aid emergency preparedness items.
  • Conduct a First Aid Kit Fundraiser - Find out how long shipping takes as well as download our order forms if you are interested in conducting a fundraiser for your organization.
  • Order First Aid Supplies - Order your first aid kit fundraising products now. Download our order forms and start selling
  • Fundraising Success Stories - We are looking to feature your group’s “Success Story”. We would like to add your group’s success to our website, newsletter, and social media pages. Tell us about your fundraiser and share your success with other groups just like yours. If we use your story, we will send you a free gift
  • FRX3 Weather Alert Radio - The multi-powered, multi-function, smartphone-charging, weather alert radio that lights your way
  • Medium First Aid Cabinet - The medium first aid cabinet includes the smartcompliance refill system to provide first aid contents for your cabinet when it runs low.
  • Order First Aid Kits Online - Order first aid kits for your fundraiser online. All of our first aid products are available to order online

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  • Wilfredo Vargas jr - Tried it for a month .

    Tried this product for a month . I was not satisfied with it . It seemed way to harsh on my skin plus the BP had me breaking out a lot more then usual and leaving me with more scares on my face . As soon as I stopped using this product my face seemed be much better with controlling my breakouts . I did everything like the directions asked of this product and had to even cut back alil cause of the excessive drying it causes on my face and I still would breakout bad using this product so needless to say I went back to my noxema I use morning and at night . I know everyone's skin is different. Good Luck .

  • J. Snow - Great value, great picture

    Really great monitor at a really great price. I am not tech savvy, but my husband is, and when I showed him this monitor on sale he said it was a great deal. I use it for use at home when I am working from home, and it is bright and easy to use. It came with two different cable connectors, which was good because one of them didn't work with my laptop, but the other kind did. I would purchase again in a heartbeat.

  • Sandy Trib - but don’t let price fool you—these are excellent quality! I would say they are almost identical ...

    At one point or another, you have seen athletes around the gym or at competitions wearing those flashy knee sleeves while lifting. Do you ever think to yourself – “I wonder if I would benefit from those? Will they assist my performance and recovery?”. I am here to give you the down low on Knee Sleeves and why you might want to invest in some of these to support your training and performance.

  • Andre Perez - 3 years and still love it!

    I've had this bag for 3 years, and I love it. Before I got it, I broke bags every other month because I would carry too much in them. This bag is super durable, comfortable, and can carry a ton. I love the separate slot of the laptop and in the front for office supplies. It's completely waterproof to this day, which is very important to me because I carry camera equipment in it often! It's finally beginning to wear on the bottom from me sraping it on the floor when I put it down, but the bottom is double reinforced which has helped it hold up for so long. I can't say enough about how much I love and would recommend this product.