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Dentist, Dallas Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist, Richardson Cosmetic Dentist, Plano Cosmetic Dentist, North Dallas Dentist - Dr. James Reisman serves the greater DFW metroplex with cosmetic services including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental implants.

  • Dallas Dentist, Dallas Cosmetic Dentist, Richardson Cosmetic Dentist, Addison Cosmetic Dentist, North Dallas Dentist - Dr. James Reisman of Dallas, Texas received his bachelor's degree from University of Texas at Austin and his dental degree from Baylor Dental College. He uses his office located at the Medical City Dallas to provide his patients wonderful smiles using technology including dental implants, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers.
  • Dallas Cosmetic Dentist, Dallas Dentist, Richardson General Dentist, Plano Veneers, North Dallas Teeth Whitening - Dr. James Reisman of Dallas, Texas specializes in helping his patients' lives with services including sleep apnea treatment, tmj therapy, and porcelain veneers.
  • Restorative Dentistry | Dallas, TX - Even if your smile has extensive decay, damage, or disease, Reisman Dental Group can help. Dr. Reisman can correct many dental problems with esthetic, lasting restorations.
  • Dallas Tooth-Colored Fillings, Richardson Tooth-Colored Fillings, Plano Tooth-Colored Fillings - Tooth colored fillings will keep your smile naturally white while restoring oral health. Dr. Reisman places composite resin fillings instead of amalgam because they contain no mercury, and provide durable, esthetic restorations.
  • Dallas Crowns, Richardson Crowns, DFW Crowns, Plano Crowns, Porcelain Crowns - Dental Crowns restore structure, function, and appearance to compromised teeth. If you have a damaged tooth or a toothache, call to schedule an evaluation in our Medical City Dallas Office.
  • Dallas Crowns, Richardson Fillings, DFW Crowns, Plano Fillings, Amalgam, Large Silver fillings - Replace or repair large silver(amalgam) fillings with all-porcelain inlays or onlays. Keep your smile white and beautiful. Call the Reisman Dental Group to @ 972-566-4990 to reserve your consultation or check-up appointment.
  • Dallas Dental Implants, Richardson Dentures, Plano Dental Implants, North Dallas Dentures, Missing Teeth - Reisman Dental Group can regain your confidence, appearance and lifestyle with Crown & Bridge work, Dentures & Partials, and Dental Implants. Call to scheduale an appointment at Reisman Dental Group today, and stop living with missing teeth.
  • Dallas Full-Mouth Reconstruction, Richardson Full-Mouth Reconstruction, Plano Full-Mouth Reconstruction Rebuild worn teeth, Rebuild broken teeth - Schedule an evaluation @ our Medical City office to review your condition, discuss your goals, and meet your expectations. Reisman Dental Group in Dallas can design a treatment to restore any smile to optimal oral health and esthetics.
  • Dallas Invisalign, Richardson Invisalign, North Dallas Invisalign, Plano Invisalign, Straight teeth, straight teeth without braces - Invisalign is an orthodontic science that straightens teeth using a series of clear, removable, thin, plastic trays
  • Dallas Oral Surgery, Richardson Oral Surgery, Plano Oral Surgery, North Dallas Oral Surgery Extractions, Wisdom tooth removal - Reisman Dental Group offers Oral Surgery procedures, such as extractions and root canals in the comfort of our office. Dr. Reisman has taken advanced courses in oral surgery so that they can perform the procedures on site.
  • Dallas Veneers, North Dallas Lumineers, Richardson Cosmetic Dentist, Plano Veneers - At Reisman Dental Group we have studied esthetic dental procedures and understand the intricacies and artistry required for optimal results. Dr. Reisman works with talented ceramic artists who handcraft porcelain veneers according to their precise specifications.
  • Dallas Teeth Whitening, Richardson Teeth Whitening, Plano Teeth Whitening, North Dallas Cosmetic Dentist - Laser teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening trays. Reisman Dental Group offers laser teeth whitening, as well as convenient home teeth whitening options.

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    Buena Skin Shea Butter is devine! There's no better word to describe it. It's smooth and creamy and melts into my skin and I love the feel. Buena Skin claims to be 100% Natural, Organic, Cold-Pressed, Raw Unrefined Virgin Premium Grade and I believe it. I have used other shea butters and none haven been as nice as this one, this is definately premium quality. I'm a soap maker and I put shea butter into almost every bar of soap I make but I won't be putting this one in any of my soaps. No way! I'll keep this very special jar of butter right on my night stand and rub it into my dry feet and elbows each night before bed. Buena Skin Shea Butter comes in a jar with a screw top lid, not in a bag like most others or a cheap plastic deli type container that cracks the first tine you open it. This premium butter comes in a jar with a screw top lid and will look good setting out on yourban vanity. The butter is ivory in color and has a very light scent And its not grainy. If you get a shea butter that is grainy or gritty there's a simple fix. There's nothing wrong with your butter, it just means at one point the butter melted and resolidified at a slow rate. So to fix it you simply melt down the butter in a double boiler until it reaches a liquid state, then cool it off very quickly by putting it in the freezer. In 30 to 60 minutes your butter will be solid and will have a creamy texture. I have always loved the smell of Shea butter and have found that the strength of the scent varies from brand to brand. What I don't like is the greasy feeling most shea butters can leave on your skin. This one does not feel greasy at all. I am sold on this brand and for my own personal use I will use Buena Skin. Inferior brands will go into the soap. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • SydSyd - Great Product that works

    Great product that works. I cut my hair the other day it was really short - I had to use the smallest curling iron to curl it. Anyways, I started using groganics DHT blocker oil twice a week to oil my scalp and rub on my hair. It makes the scalp tingly - i guess u can describe it as - like iced cold water dumped on your head. You will feel this for the first 30mins. It has been over a month now and my hair has grown about 3/4 of an inch and it is thicker and it 'behaves' - I normally wrap my hair at nights and using this oil makes my hair wrap easily and falls into place. I highly recommend! I only have this oil, soon I will get shampoo and conditioner.

  • Mike - It didn't work for me.

    So I got this in the mail to try. There were two sample packets so I decided to do an experiment with them. I used one packet on my feet in an attempt to alleviate diabetic nerve pain. I used the other pack on my right shoulder due to muscle ache. There was no effect on my feet. The burning and pain never went away. I didn't really expect it to do anything but I was hopeful. The 3 star rating doesn't reflect this. The rating is because the muscle ache in my right shoulder didn't subside either. There was no effect at all. I got more from the massage of the shoulder and trapezius muscle than I got from the product. It might work for others but the active ingredient Capsaicin didn't work for me.

  • Russell T. Markowitz - Good Stuff - Better Instructions Needed

    Works nicely. However, better instructions would be appropriate. If you rub this product are in for a real mess. You are only supposed to spread this product as evenly as you can over the wood flooring...and let it dry without touching it. If you spread it too thinly, or rub it get white smear marks that are just nearly impossible to get off. I was able to go back over what I did wrong by applying a thicker coat without rubbing...then letting it dry. The difference in floor shine was terrific. I do like the product...just need better warning on how to apply it.

  • Andy M - Works better than my prescription.

    I used this many years ago and it was the cats meow. My prescription stuff with a new dentist sucks. Tried this after finding on Amazon and just as good as I remember.

  • Kerri - would not recommend, also runs very small

    Was not as pictured, smelled really bad, the sleeves were too short for me, and the zipper pull broke first thing