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RE-GAIN HEALTH & BALANCE - Safe, Effective Holistic Healing & Energy Medicine - Safely and effectively treat your concerns utilizing Holistic, gentle and effective methods that provide lasting results. We can address a vast number of concerns and stimulate the body's natural ability to heal on all levels.

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  • Joyful56 - Wonderful Product

    Fast delivery and good price for a beauty product I have used for several years. These pads help to keep my complexion fresh and even up skin tone. I will be buying for many years into the future.

  • Realms and Dimensions - This tiny thing is AWESOME

    I used this at the recent anime hologram Hatsune Miku Concert and it worked perfectly well!! My Blackberry Priv phone can record in 4K and can hold up to 2TB of memory which can drain its own battery with prolonged use of 4K recording however with this external battery, I did not have to worry about any energy drain at all uwith this in my pocket! :) My phone stayed FULL charged the entire time and at the end of the concert I still had 1 charge left on this awesome thing!

  • erf01 - excellent mattress--but be aware of the drawbacks of talalay latex

    This is an excellent mattress, the Vzone is really helpful for side sleepers. I was waking up with shoulder and hip pain on our old mattress and I now have no issues. However, there is one major drawback--motion isolation is poor to fair. It never occurred to me that talalay would have different motion isolation characteristics than dunlop latex, but it has a very pronounced side-to-side waterbed feel when one of us gets out of bed. It doesn't bother me that much since it's so comfortable tossing and turning is rare. Also, if you get the mattress very soft, I don't think you should sit on the edge of the bed to say, put on your socks--it compresses a lot and it doesn't seem like that would be good for the longevity. I'm still really pleased with my purchase but wanted to make people aware of the cons I didn't know about.

  • leon - unhappy

    this stoller is not a good stoller the mechinisim that opens and closes the stollers has broken after 2 weeks of use and mounten buggy replaced it and not long afterward the same thing happaned with the repelacement. the ride is not smooth at all.