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Rapid Detect Professional Drug & Alcohol Tests: Urine, Saliva & Hair - Low prices plus discounts on drug test cups, dip drug test panels. Brands: Alco-Screen, Split Specimen cups, Oratect & Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup.

  • Rapid Detect Store Shopping Cart - Our one page store check out shopping cart, protected by 128 bit Secure Socket Layer.
  • Rapid Detect INC - About Us, HQ info, Websites, etc. - Rapid Detect Americas choice for quality, low cost drug testing supplies! RDI is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry simply because of our quality products, excellent staff and one on one customer service.
  • #CL-RD-W154 Rapid Detect 5 Panel Drug Test Dip Card - The Rapid Detect 5 panel drug test dip card for COC THC OPI AMP PCP with Free Cups & Report Forms in every box! Lab accurate and affordable.
  • Noble Split Specimen Cups - The Split Specimen Cup is a urine drug test in a drug test cup. Noble Split Specimen Cup is a drug test cup design that eliminates urine handling. A Complete Solution for Urine Drug Testing
  • #HM15 Oratect 6 Panel Oral Drug Test - Oratect 6 panel saliva drug test is FDA 510(k) cleared and made in the U.S. Oratect introduces a blue line indicator for the sufficient collection of saliva.
  • International Shipping - We have partnered with UPS using WorldShip to service our customers Worldwide!
  • Store Discounts - We provide discounts for our clients to show our appreciation for their business.
  • SteroidConfirm - Urine Steroid Drug Test 50 Panel - SteroidConfirm, the convenient and affordable anabolic steroids drug test utilizes the most sensitive and sophisticated technology for highly accurate results.
  • Home Hair Follicle Drug Test by HairConfirm - HairConfirm is a non-invasive hair test for drugs that uses a hair follicle sample to detect no more than 7 of the most popular drugs of abuse going back 90 days before the testing.
  • K-2/THC 101: Home K2 THC Test - Confirm BioSciences Synthetic Marijuana (THC) Urine Drug Test Kit will test a urine sample for up to 6 synthetic compounds used in the manufacture of synthetic marijuana along with testing for traditional marijuana metabolites
  • RDI Drug Testing Videos,Key Cup Instructions Adulteration Test Procedure card - RDI TV Includes Videos on new products, procedure test instructions for drug test cup Key cup, OFD and adulteration test. Videos are hosted on the Rapid Detect YouTube channel.
  • If You are a Rapid Detect Customer go ahead and Login - If you have an account with us, Login so that you will be able to view your accounts history, re-order supplies , or track shipments.
  • Rapid Detect (Made In The U.S.A) Professional One-Step Drug Screen Test Products. - Rapid Detect one-step drug screen test products. Accurate.urine dip drug test cards including k2.
  • 56024: Alco-Screen 02 - Saliva Alcohol Test Strips - Alco-Screen saliva alcohol test strips are a highly sensitive method to identify a persons blood alcohol level at 0.02%. DOT Approved.
  • #DOA-1257-019; Integrated E-Z Split Key Drug Test Cup 5 by Rapid Detect - Integrated key panel cup drug test cup is a urine test cup for urine Integrated Key Cup Split Key Cup. E-Z Key Cup split key cup 5 panel drug test. (COC THC OPI AMP mAMP)
  • #DJA-157-022 5 Panel Split Specimen Drug Test Cup - Employees who test positive in pre-employment drug tests are 66% more likely to be absent and 77% more likely to be discharged within 3 years than those who tested negative.(COC PCP THC OPI AMP)

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  • Dani Robinson - love

    Natural hair: I massage this into my scalp at night and it works wonderfully. Will try on my feet and face and see how that works. $1.50 at my local dollar store so I got several!!

  • VSTROMM05 - Terrible support

    I have been using Quicken since early 2000. I like the product overall. It is getting a bit blotted. As far as the support forget it. My Home inventory quit working after 3 months. Nobody in support has been any help or has any answers. I would not recommend for this reason.

  • Gayle - Inspiring and practical read!

    If you want to rethink how you spend your time, in order to pursue work that matters, then read this book. Jocelyn helps us understand why we're so addicted to email, and then shares steps we can take to break out of it. She even provides templates to help us write more effective emails. Once you start this book, you won't be able to put it down. And, even better, you'll walk away with at least three things you can do right now to get out of your inbox and back to work that matters.

  • Analise - Just Ask Your Doc If Unsure

    I was only able to get to day 3 before I felt sick but the doc said it was most likely my current medication conflicting with the products. So I don't really have a negative thing to say. I've seen people lose weight so if your doctor says you're fine to take then try it out. It is a little expensive and they do have most of what you're getting cheaper at a drug store. However most diet plans are expensive. I'd buy off the site directly though because you can't return it if you don't.

  • Amazon Customer - Satisfied with it.

    Nice little box to protect your battery and add quick connection for your trolling motor. In today's world of cell phones and other gadgets, it's nice to have a place to charge them as well, should you ever need to. Most smart people would have those gadgets charged BEFORE hitting the fishing hole. It does what it says. Test button does however, need to be held down a few seconds. If not, it'll show 'low' coming right of the battery charger. There are no instructions in the box, but why would you need instructions, it's a battery box. I would say that the lid can only be held to the bottom by using the included strap. There aren't any lid latches. The carry handle make it convenient to carry from boat to garage to be charged. Handle seems sturdy enough but it's only plastic. All in all, nice little box that should work nicely for as long as you take care of it.

  • Well Man - First iteration and it worked out of the box!

    I am always reluctant to buy close to the first release date having used Quicken since the 1990's. I don't use the mobile features or Quicken Online BillPay, so I won't vouch for them. Everything else works perfectly. The files updated fine and all my automatic updates work. I bought the CD because it was $30 cheaper than the download on Amazon. I am very pleased. The features are essentially the same as on my old 2011 Quicken. I don't whine about having to upgrade every third year because I feel that $17 a year is a bargain to be able to automatically update. After all it costs Intuit something to maintain the servers and support.