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  • Bob W. - An honest review, some are not......

    This pc is a decent price for the hardware. Windows 10 is joke and a resource hog for 32gb. Admittedly I am not a Microsoft fan for many reasons but these favorable reviews from Windows users is strange to me. Just for grins I left the os as delivered for a week and as expected the updates kill this HP. My patience ran out quickly and I wiped off Win 10 completely. Linux Mint 18 is running great. Ubuntu 16.04 runs great on this HP. I installed each solo just to give each an evaluation. My preference for overall simplicity is Mint.

  • Grace - Do not buy-3 FALSE positives

    If I could give this product zero stars I would. I had 2 pink lines on all tests, taken every morning for 3 days straight. I went to get a beta hcg level done by my doctor to confirm and low and behold, I was NOT pregnant. At all. It was a terrible, emotional weekend to go from rejoicing in a pregnancy to feeling devastated that it was 3 false positives. It felt like someone played a horrible April Fool's joke on me. I will never, ever buy this product again.

  • Julia - Products worth investing on

    Pushy sales, horrible sales people and highly expensive products are some of the weaker points of Orogold. But, when it comes to the product itself, you really cannot fault the company. Like so many other people over here, I was fooled into purchasing one product too many and was then denied a refund. I felt embarrassed when I had to tell my husband that I spent almost $700 on products that I don’t think I would ever need. Surprisingly, he was calm enough and told me to at least try them out since I had already paid so much.

  • Santeria - Creator par excellence

    Roxio has been the Classique audio as well as video, editor that excels at its tasks in so many respects. Since version 4 even the basic editing features have been the bête

  • Nichole Moody - ... on top of the carb crushers and I absolutely love them. I have been noticing my weight loss ...

    I use this fat burners on top of the carb crushers and I absolutely love them. I have been noticing my weight loss results much fast that I would without them. You do have to use this with diet and exercise to see results. They do not make you lose weight alone. The fat burners give me energy and help burn more fat / calories especially when I work out. Great product especially for the price.