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Pharmacy Kamloops: Find a Full Range of Pharmaceutical Products - Pratt’s Compounding Pharmacy of Kamloops offers a full range of pharmaceutical products, including both prescription & over-the-counter (OTC) medications & treatments. Visit us today.

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  • Paisley Tie - Absolutely five stars.

    Absolutely five stars. I had serious warts on my right foot for a decade. I tried more or less every therapy you can think of from salicylic acid to apple vinegar, using a razor to remove calluses that had grown around the warts for years; truly suffering. The Compound W Freeze Off worked for me on all my warts, and really quickly...basically a week or so. As with all the methods I tried, I was very systematic about my use of this product. The treatment itself causes slight discomfort, but that's basically what is required to kill the associated wart virus. After so many years of trying to rid myself of these warts, this product has really been a life-saver. I strongly recommend it.

  • AmandaL - NOT original product!

    I am a Young Living rep and have been for many years, THIS PRODUCT HAS LIKELY BEEN ADULTERED! You can tell in the picture that it has had a different seal/cap put on it than that of the original bottles. PLEASE do NOT trust this type of stuff. You can ONLY get it guaranteed to be 100% pure, genuine YL oils if you order directly from YL!

  • Scott A. Frahmann - Awesome product!

    This is an amazing device! I was hoping it was as nice as a CuBox-i4, which I already have, for $150.00. It surpassed it in many ways! It seems very responsive, comes with many repositories automatically. Great in so many ways! I will just point out the only downfall in my opinion. It does come with a remote which is really nice. The remote falls short as far as a mouse pointer. You have to use the directional buttons to move around which is really cumbersome and slow. Do not expect this to be as good as a real mouse. It can do what a real mouse can which is a huge plus, but I would recommend getting a real usb mouse or something like the Lynec C120 air mouse. Any cheapo usb mouse will probably work. There are plenty of other air mice that probably work just fine. The most comfortable experience is with a real usb mouse. That, of course, is not perfect for a living room setting which is where the air mouse is preferred. Other than that, I can't complain right now. I have to give it an A rating. If it weren't for the mouse shortfall, it would get an A+.